Treasure island

May 4, 2020

Episode 170: Paladins of the West Kingdom

Reviews of Santa Monica, Traintopia, Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons, and more. Featured review: Paladins of the West Kingdom by Renegade Games; Reroll Treasure Island by Matagot. Board game discussion starts at 35:27. Timestamps: 00:35:27 - Santa Monica; 00:43:29 - Traintopia; 00:48:49 - Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons; 00:58:50 - A Word from our Sponsor: Queen Games. Shogun and Wallenstein Kickstarter; 01:00:20 - Fast Sloths; 01:08:48 - Opale; 01:16:02 - Graphic Novel Adventures: Captive and Loup Garou; 01:25:10 - News; 01:34:39 - Paladins of the West Kingdom; 02:09:01 - Reroll Treasure Island
April 8, 2019

Episode 144: Treasure Island

Reviews of Black Angel, Beta Colony, Call to Adventure, Potemkin Empire, and more. Featured review: Treasure Island by Matagot. Reroll Dinosaur Island by by Pandasaurus.