Blue Peg Pink Peg Rating Scale

Each episode we rate one (and sometimes 2) board games
on the Blue Peg, Pink Peg rating system.


0 Pegs = Burn It
1 Peg = Avoid It
2 Pegs = Not Horrible
3 Pegs = Worth Playing
4 Pegs = Worth Owning
5 Pegs = A Collection Asset
6 Pegs = A Collection Essential


Click on any of the game titles to see when the game has appeared in the show.

267The Castles of Burgundy - Special Edition5.55665
266Dabba Walla3.753444
265Nova Roma44444
264Salton Sea2.6252 / 3233
262Zhanguo: The First Empire3.753444
260Kutna Hora - The City of Silver 3.754452
256Planta Nubo3.753444
253Dead by Daylight2.753233
251Thunder Road: Vendetta4.255444
250Hegemony - Lead Your Class to Victory4.1251/43/555
249Galaxy Trucker (2nd Edition)4.256443
2483 Ring Circus3.256343
247The Witcher: Old World2.756332
244Darwin's Journey55555
239Northgard: Uncharted Lands2.87532/333
238Endless Winter: Paleoamericans3.53434
237Clank! Catacombs4.255444
234Azul: Queen's Garden44444
233Twilight Inscription3.55432n/a
230Rear Window2.753332n/a
227Terracotta Army55555n/a
226Brazil Imperial3.53443n/a
225Castles of Tuscany3.625433/44n/a
224Ark Nova5.255556n/a
223Underwater Cities5.255565n/a
221Dead Reckoning55555n/a
219Wonderlands War4.54545n/a
218Founders of Teotihuacan3.254243n/a
217Tenpenny Park3.754443n/a
216Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest4.754555n/a
215Lizard Wizard3.753345n/a
213Gaia Project54655n/a
212Corrosion4.254445 n/a
210Cape May4.2544Ilya - 5
Tyler - 4
209Dinosaur World3.543TJ - 3
Richmond - 4
208Oink Game Suite5.2555Ambie - 6
Crystal - 5
205The Night Cage2.33322down
203Red Rising4.005434down
202Too Many Bones4.67
44Danielle - 6down
201Ankh: Gods of Egypt3.33433down
201Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition4.005452up
200The Initiative4.8855David - 5; Elisha - 4.5down
198City Builder: Ancient World4.00444flat
197Dominant Species: Marine3.33344down
195After the Empire2.67422flat
194Excavation Earth2.67323flat
193Almanac: The Dragon Road3.67443down
192Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road4.33445flat
190Praga Caput Regni5.33565down
189Paris3.00333 flat
188Bonfire4.67554 flat
187Alma Mater2.87
34/323 down
186Dune: Imperium4.75 555 David - 4flat
185Beyond the Sun3.67344 up
184Lost Ruins of Arnak3.33343 flat
183Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun5.005555 flat
182Apocrypha: Adventure Card Game2.003/143 down
181Greenville 19894.5
53/45 Tara - 4/5down
180Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula4.00 435 flat
179Ecos: The First Continent5.67566 flat
178Vindication5.0055 5 n/a
177Forgotten Waters3.67344 Flat
176Glen More II: Chronicles4.67554 n/a
175Godspeed3.67344 n/a
174Nevada City5.00555 down
173Trickerion4.00444 flat
172Reavers of Midgard6.00666 down
171Egizia: Shifting Sands3.33433 down
170Paladins of the West Kingdom5.00456 down
169Caylus3.66434 down
168Cooper Island4.8354/55 flat
1677 Souls3.754353 down
166Oceans3.33442 flat
165Sierra West3.00333 flat
164Isle of Cats3.67443 flat
163Sorcerer City4.66644 flat
162Maracaibo4.004525 flat
161The Taverns of Tiefenthal4.33544 flat
160A War of Whispers3.00333 down
159Rune Stones4.00453 flat
158Flotilla4.66455 down
157Abomination: Heir of Frankenstein2.66332 flat
156Horrified4.50455 4 down
155Rurik4.00543 flat
154Dead Man's Cabal4.00444 flat
153The Artemis Project3.504433 flat
152Chronicles of Crime4.755464 flat
151Rolled West3.754344 flat
151Lanterns Dice3.004323 flat
151Cartographers5.005555 flat
150Pipeline3.754344 down
148Journeys in Middle Earth4.004444 down
147Gentes4.505454 flat
146Tiny Towns3.1333/433 down
145Tudor2.752324 flat
144Treasure Island2.754232 down
143Forum Trajanum3.253424 flat
142Teotihuacan: City of Gods4.756454 flat
141Gugong3.004323 up
140Just One5.33 5 5 Bruce - 6up
140But Wait, There's More!4.67 5 4 Bruce - 5down
140Pantone1.67 2 1 Bruce - 2down
139Quacks of Quedlinburg4.005434 up
138Blackout: Hong Kong4.755545 down
137Coimbra6.006666 Danny - 6 down
136Pulsar 28494.405444 David - 5flat
135Porta Nigra4.304454 James - 4/5flat
134Feudum4.504554 flat
133The Thing: Infection at Outpost 312.503322 down
132Nyctophobia: Vampire Encounter3.254153 flat
132Sub Terra2.5032/422 flat
131Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game4.6764 4 down
130Root4.3344 5 down
129Gunkimono3.674 4 3 flat
129Expancity4.0044 4 flat
129Spring Meadow2.6742 2 flat
128Petrichor3.3334 3 down
127Thunderstone Quest5.0045 56 down
126Carthago3.2534 33 flat
125Crystal Clans4.2545 44 down
125The Fox in the Forest3.2534 33 down
125Santorini3.5043 52 flat
124Argent: The Consortium5.0045 55 down
123Trajan5.0055 64 flat
122Altiplano3.7544 43 flat
121Heroes of Land, Sea and Air4.0044 44 flat
120Dinosaur Island4.0043 32 down
119Rising Sun5.0055 55 down
118Clans of Caledonia4.404/54 54 down
117Calimala4.0045 43 flat
116Raiders of the North Sea4.0044 44 flat
115Rajas of the Ganges3.7544 43 flat
114Lisboa5.0045 6 flat
113Stuffed Fables4.3343/5 5 Rodney - 3/5down
112Whistle Stop4.2044 5 Marty & Tony - 4down
111Valletta2.8833 2 Stephanie - 3/4down
110Custom Heroes5.6766 5 flat
110Trickster: Champion of Time5.0055 5 flat
110Indulgence3.3333 4 down
109Mansions of Madness 2nd. Ed5.005564 up
108Fate of the Elder Gods4.504455 flat
107Ex Libris3.334 33 down
106Lorenzo il Magnifico4.254454 flat
104Sentient4.505454 flat
103Wasteland Express Delivery Service5.004565 down
102Barenpark3.0032/433 down
99Aeon's End3.504424 flat
98Yokohama4.755455 flat
97Viticulture4.804455 Peghead Sean - 6flat
96Railroad Revolution4.505454 down
94Adrenaline2.8832/333 down
93Clank!4.755455 flat
92Barcelona: The Rose of Fire4.504455 flat
91Manhattan Project: Energy Empire4.004325 Peghead Steve - 6down
90The Oracle of Delphi3.504433 down
89Great Western Trail4.254454 up
88Tikal4.404345 Peghead Tahsin - 4flat
87Haspelknecht3.253334 down
86Terraforming Mars5.506565 up
85Mystic Vale4.50 5454 flat
84The Others3.504433 flat
83Salem3.2532/443 down
82Scythe3.754353 up
81Inis3.754434 down
80Cry Havoc4.004435 flat
79Junk Art3.754425 down
78My Village3.754434 flat
77Millennium Blades4.754555 flat
76The Networks3.254234 down
75Isle of Skye4.005443 up
74Antarctica4.004354 down
73Seven Wonders: Duel2.754232 up
73The Rose King4.755554 flat
73Thunder & Lightning4.754546 up
73Tides of Time3.001335 down
72Castles of Burgundy5.6665n/a6 up
71The Prodigals Club5.005 55 down
70Mombasa4.504455 up
69Shakespeare2.553322 down
68Grand Austria Hotel3.9443/444 down
67Kingdom Death: Monster2.754502 flat
66Dark Moon4.504365 flat
65Orleans4.254445 up
64Tail Feathers3.253244 down
63Star Wars: Imperial Assault4.004444 flat
62The Golden Ages3.253334 flat
61Pandemic Legacy: Season 14.5053/545 down
60Above and Below4.004354 down
59Dark, Darker, Darkest1.251220 down
58Dead of Winter4.254454 down
57Blood Rage4.504455 flat
56Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot2.002222 flat
55Viceroy3.003333 n/a
54La Granja5.255466 flat
53Eysium3.3843/424 down
52[redacted]1.752122 flat
51Terra Mystica5.254656 up
50Staufer Dynasty4.4453/445 down
49Panamax4.003454 down
48Murano3.253334 flat
47Pathfinder ACG2.6332/513 up
47Descent 2nd Ed.3.503434 down
46Patchistory4.33 444 up
45St. Petersburg4.254454 flat
44Deus4.004435 up
43Castles of Mad King Ludwig4.756526 flat
42CO24.004444 flat
41Scoville3.2532/443 down
40Kingsport Festival3.253253 down
39Chimera4.254436 flat
39Diamonds4.504455 down
38Concordia4.253455 up
37Abyss3.753444 flat
36Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy3.503434 flat
35Battle at Kemble's Cascade4.0044/2 5 Keri - 4down
34Fiasco3.5044 3 Keri - 3up
34Elder Sign3.0033 3 Keri - 3up
33Zombie 151.33 1 1 Keri - 2flat
32Among the Stars3.7544 4 Keri - 2/4flat
31Five Tribes5.0054 6 Keri - 5up
30Machi Koro3.2532 4 Keri - 4down
30Pandemic Contagion2.7532 3 Keri - 3flat
29Enigma3.541/4 4 Keri - 5up
29Macao3.75045 3 Keri - 3flat
28Instanbul3.25023 4 Keri - 4flat
43/4 3 Keri - 4up
27Blueprints3.0033 3 Keri - 3down
26Blue Moon Legends5.0054 5 Keri - 6tbd
25Sentinels of the Multiverse2.631/42 3 Keri - 2tbd
24Bruxelles 18934.5045 5 Keri - 4tbd
24Core Worlds3.0033 4 Keri - 2tbd
23Lords of Waterdeep4.0054 3 Keri - 4tbd
22Bora Bora4.7554 5 Keri - 5tbd
21Rise of Augustus3.2533 4 Keri - 3tbd
20Settlers of Catan2.2532 1 Keri - 3tbd
19Rampage/Terror in Meeple City4.0033/5 5 Keri - 4tbd
18Dominion5.0064/6 4 Keri - 4tbd
18Trains3.0033 3 Keri - 3tbd
17Amerigo4.5045 5 Keri - 4tbd
16City of Iron3.0033 3 Keri - 3tbd
15Voluspa4.7564 3 Keri - 6up
15Tash Kalar3.7544 4 Keri - 3up
14Steam Park4.1752/3 5 aKeri - 5down
13Seasons4.2545 3 Keri - 5up
12Lost Legends2.1722/3 2 Keri - 1flat
11Keyflower3.9233/4 5 Keri - 2down
10Cosmic Encounter5.2555 6 Keri - 5up
09Nothing Personal4.5065 4 Keri - 5n/a
08Divinare3.5033 4 Keri - 4n/a
08Escape: The Curse of the Temple4.0052 5 Keri - 4n/a
07Galaxy Trucker5.5065 5 Keri - 6n/a
06Bruges5.7556 6 Keri - 5up
05Via Appia3.1732/3 4 Keri - 4n/a
04Libertalia5.0055 5 Keri - 5n/a
04Dungeon Roll4.0044 5 Keri - 3n/a
03Ghost Stories3.5043 5 Keri - 2n/a
02Smash Up1.5002 1 Keri - 2/4n/a
01King of Tokyo4.2554 3 Keri - 5n/a