Episode 135- James Hudson & Porta Nigra


During this weeks episode:
1) The Pegs are joined by James Hudson as they discuss their recent gameplays including Underwater Cities, The Boldest, MegaLand, and more;
2) All the Pegs (and guest) review the area control game Porta Nigra; and
3) Look back at Valetta.
NOTE: Game play discussion starts at 25 minute mark.
Click here for game play photos and show notes.
To access the direct download, click here.
Certain of the aforementioned reviews derive from a copy of the reviewed game which was provided by the publisher, free of charge.
1:05- Tree Trivia, 4:00- Get to know James Hudson, 22:00- Pints!, 24:40- Ruthless, 32:10- The Boldest, 40:26- Underwater Cities, 48:30- Megaland, 57:17- Kitchen Rush, 1:07:50- Lincoln, 1:13:48- Keyforge Deck Names, 1:24:54- Gilmour to Pandasaurus, 1:29:58- Mice & Mystics Movie, 1:32:06- Aeon’s End Digital, 1:33:00- Bugman’s Battle, 1:40:00- Kickstarter entitlement, 1:54:17- Porta Nigra Rules, 1:58:30- Porta Nigra Review, 2:34:10- Valletta Re-Roll

Bonus Episode 8: Designer Deep Dive- Detective with Ignacy Trzewiczek


During this Designer Deep Dive, we speak with Ignacy Trzewiczek about his upcoming title, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. Detective is a story based mystery game that integrates technology and real world on-line elements to create an immersive game play experience. We talk to Ignacy about his creation of this innovative title and the challenges associated with create a game that expands the bounds of traditional game play.
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To learn more about Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, click here.
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