Blue Peg, Pink Peg is the Boardgaming podcast for families and couples. If you want to talk to us, or ask us any questions contact us at bluepegpinkpeg@gmail.com.

Blue Peg Robb
Pink Peg Christina
Christina and Robb sharing a tender moment
Blue Peg Patrick

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, it was great meeting you at GenCon. I hope it was successful and that you got home without incident.
    You left me your card, but it has no email address! Talk to you soon.

    1. Uwe, You will receive a more detailed response from us in an email (bluepegpingpeg@gmail.com) that shall follow, but our return trip was safe (long and not without humorous incidents but safe). We hope that if your return travels were fraught with incident they were at least as amusing as ours. It was great meeting you. We wanted to follow up again on Sunday, but you were busy demoing games (as it should be). Hope you convention was a success. Patrick

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