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BPPP Origin Story

Blue Peg, Pink Peg started in Patrick Kelly's kitchen. No seriously, Patrick and Robb had quit doing Improv and were still looking for a way to be creative. They loved playing board games so they thought......"let's start a board gaming podcast".

The name of the show was inspired from the game of LIFE and the focus on board games, relationships and the interaction between the two.

The first episode dropped in July 2013. The original hosts of the show were Patrick, Robb, Christina and Keri (Patrick's wife at the time). Over the years the show has seen a variety of hosts but the mission has always stayed the same-create a board gaming podcast that is authentic, entertaining and attracts more people into the gaming hobby.

All of the pegs at Blue Peg, Pink Peg want everyone to have some fun while you play those games!

BPPP Family Timeline

  • Episodes 1 - 35Patrick, Robb, Christina, Keri

  • Episodes 36 - 109Patrick, Robb, Christina, Jeremy

  • Episodes 110 - 114Robb, Christina, Patrick

  • Episodes 115 - 127Robb, Christina, Patrick, Josh

  • Episodes 128 - 131Patrick, Robb, Christina

  • Episodes 132 - 153Patrick, Robb, Christina, Jeremy

  • Episodes 154 - 199Robb, Christina, Jeremy

  • Episodes 200 - 211Robb, Christina, (Guest Hosts)

  • Episodes 212 - PresentRobb, Christina, Kevin, Brandon

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Meet the Hosts

The Cast

Blue Peg Pink Peg is a biweekly podcast hosted by Brandon, Robb, Christina and Kevin. Join us as we have discussions about life, board games, tabletop gaming news and give the hottest games in all the land that Blue Peg Pink Peg treatment in our deep dive reviews.

Robb Rouse

Founding Member

As one of the founders of Blue Peg Pink Peg, Robb is an investigator by trade. Gaming with friends and family have always been important part of his life. Cutting his teeth on BattleTech, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering, Robb has been passionate about gaming since he was old enough to hold a die unsupervised (ie trusted not to swallow it).

Robb also enjoys Improv and founded the Big Lick Conspiracy which he directed/performed with for 9 years. Robb enjoys all things Star Wars, watching Marvel movies with his daughter, reading sci fi/fantasy, poker, and camping with his favorite gaming partner, Christina.

Christina Rouse

Founding Member

Despite Christina's facial expressions in many game play photos, she does LOVE playing board games! Growing up her family always played games like; Monopoly, Clue, Pictionary, etc. It wasn't until she met Robb that she dove head first into the tabletop gaming hobby.

Christina is a social worker in the field of child abuse and child advocacy and her passion for work is equally as strong as her passion for adventure and having fun. Her favorite mechanic is tile laying games and her favorite designer is a tie between Scott Caputo and Uwe Rosenberg.

Don't let her sweet smile and intoxicating locks distract you as she is ruthless at the gaming table.

Kevin McAlexander

Pun Peg

Kevin is an actor, comedian, improviser, podcaster and still manages to hold down a day job in the human services sector. He is an avid gamer who started gaming in high school and college playing classic PRG’s and games with his friends. After taking a life induced break from the hobby Kevin came back to the alter of cardboard back in 2017 and has been full steam ahead ever since. Joining Blue Peg Pink Peg was a thrill for him and he brings a love of gaming from simple card games to the crunchiest Euro.

Besides Blue Peg Pink Peg you can catch Kevin onstage doing improv with Big Lick Conspiracy and talking about movies on the podcast Uncle Doug’s DVD Bin.

Brandon Nall

Brawling Peg

Businessman by day and Superhero Podcaster by night, Brandon wears many hats and is always seeking his next challenge. As a longtime podcaster, Brandon brings a wealth of experience and passion to Blue Peg Pink Peg. Prior to joining BPPP, he spent 5+ years as the co-host and creator of Brawling Brothers.

Brandon continues to share his love of board games, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face gaming in our digital world. His commitment to our hobby doesn't stop when the mic turns off - As the Chief Operating Officer at Inside Up Games, he works to spread the joy and benefits of board games worldwide.

Pegs at Play

Blue Peg Pink Peg Hosts of Days Past

Hostus Emeritus

Patrick Kelly

BPPP Co-Host : Episodes 1 - 153

Jeremy Holmes

BPPP Co-Host : Ep 36 - 109, 132 - 199

Keri Kelly

BPPP Co-Host : Episode 1-35

Josh Swartz

BPPP Co-Host : Episodes 115 - 127

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