Bonus Episode 2: Fiasco: Camp Death

During this Bonus Episode, the Pegs get together for a live-play of the storytelling game, Fiasco. As selected by the PegHeads, the Pegs take on Camp Death, a Fiasco play-set set in a summer camp slasher film setting. Who will survive, and who will meet a dark a grisly death?
Note: this episode includes descriptions of violent deaths and gore. Listener discretion is advised.
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Episode 34: Fiasco and Elder Sign

BPPP Fiasco and Elder Sign (click on the text to  the left to listen)
elder sign
During this week’s episode:
1) The guys discuss some of there recent game plays and game news including news of  new trend in game themes and give a shout out to some awesome members of the PegHead Nation.
2) All of the Pegs review Bully Pulpit Games’ storytelling game, Fiasco.
3) All of the Pegs review Fantasy Flight Games’ cooperative dice rolling game, Elder Sign.
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