Episode 137- Danny & Derek Do Board Games and Coimbra

Disclosure: Review copies of Just One, Victorian Masterminds, Comanauts, and The River.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Catch Up

1:24- Corgi trivia

4:41- Coimbra Contest [Patreon]

6:09- Renegade Game Pack Contest [Passing Through Petra] [Spell Smashers]

8:00- Getting to Know Danny [link]


27:17- PAX Unplugged [link]


37:40- Just One [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

39:04- Sticky Chameleons [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

41:33- Vers [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

43:58- Sandwich Talk

51:30- Carpe Diem [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

1:00:02- Victorian Masterminds [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

1:08:00- Comanauts [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

1:18:40- The River [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

1:24:01- Catch the Moon [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

1:32:00- Tainted Grail [to back]

1:35:30- Machi Koro Legacy [link]

1:43:33- Winter Game Fest [link]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

1:45:00- Coimbra Rules [BGG] [buy] [publisher]

1:49:00- Coimbra Review

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

2:24:02- Stuffed Fables Re-Roll [click here to see what the PegHeads had to say] [BGG] [buy] [publisher]