Episode 261-Nucleum

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Maps of Misterra, The Vale of Eternity, Ticket to Ride Legacy-Legends of the West and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Nucleum; and

3) Catch up with BPPP founder Patrick and announce a contest!

Show Notes

1:07 – Contest Winning Attire is required! Enter our contest for a chance to win Fit to Print from Flatout Games

3:41 – What has Patrick been up to lately?

16:35 – Balatro

23:58– Secret Santa Shout out!

28:20– Kevin’s Hot Tips-Maximizing your CON experience!


38:04 – The Vale of Eternity [Buy] – Publisher-Mandoo Games; Designer: Eric Hong; Artists: Jiahui Eva GaoGautier MaiaStefano MartinuzErica Tormen;

45:16 – King of Tokyo-Origins * [Buy] – Publisher-IELLO; Designer: Richard Garfield; Art: Régis Torres;

50:51 – Maps of Misterra * [Buy] – Publisher-Sit Down!; Designers: Mathieu BossuThomas CariateTimothée Decroix; Art: Stanislas Puech;

1:00:52 – Ticket to Ride Legacy-Legends of the West [Buy] – Publisher-Days of Wonder; Designers: Rob DaviauMatt LeacockAlan R. Moon; Artists: Cyrille DaujeanJulien Delval;


1:12:30– Women in Gaming Retreat. Organized by publishers Eagle-Gryphon, Queen Games, and Inside Up Games, aims to provide a platform for women in the board game industry. The event offers a unique blend of networking opportunities, game pitching sessions, and playtesting opportunities. Apply here!

1:14:32Altered KS finished, with 6.7 million. *article provided by ICV2

1:18:17Unmatched- Slings and Arrows

1:20:21Mass Effect Co-op Game *article provided by dicebreaker.com

1:23:32Seers Catalog *article provided by ICV2

1:26:59AI Art pulled from Puerto Rico *article provided by boardgamewire.com

1:30:39Changes at Prospero Hall *article provided by boardgamewire.com


1:34:17 – Rules Gist

Nucleum is a 1 to 4 player atomic strategy game by David Turczi and Simone Luciani and published by Board and Dice. During the game players will attempt to build the best network and power up the most buildings to score those sweet, sweet victory points. On your turn you select a multiple use action tile and either slot it into your player board to take those actions or place it out on the board as a track tile (which provided the colors match the areas you are placing it) you can also take those actions. When your player tiles are depleted or you choose to you can take a “recharge” action which will generate your income and return your tiles to use. You will also place a marker on a track that connects to end game scoring based off of how many “stars” you collected that round which are received in multiple ways like powering up buildings or even with action tiles. On a turn you can also complete contracts which give you VP, use of tech tiles and resources. 

Once two or (three in a two player game) end game conditions are met that round is finished out and each player has one more action. Then end game scoring occurs. The player with the most points wins.

1:36:06 – Review

2:00:59– Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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