Episode 35: The Battle at Kemble's Cascade and Gaming with Kids

BPPP Battle at Kemble’s Cascade and Gaming with Kids (click on the text to  the left to listen)
During this week’s episode:
1) The guys discuss some of there recent game plays and game news including discussion of a game that Robb has been wanting to get to the table for a long time.
2) All of the Pegs review Z-Man Games’ action selection game The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade.
3) All of the Pegs discuss their tips and tactics for playing games with kids.
The aforementioned review derives from a copy of the reviewed game which was provided by the publisher, free of charge.
Click here for show notes and game play photos.

5 thoughts to “Episode 35: The Battle at Kemble's Cascade and Gaming with Kids”

  1. Hi Pegs, Loving your show – just finished binge listening to all of your episodes over the past few weeks. Really like the different perspectives you all provide. Having 2 boys (age 7 and 9) I enjoy hearing you talk about gaming with your kids, and this episode was particularly interesting. Great advice! I’d also say that kids are a lot smarter than we think. 🙂 My kids love playing Legendary and I no longer have to check that they’re doing things in the right order and doing all the right card draws. I can’t tell you how happy I am that they’re getting into games like Legendary and Sentinels. Makes for fun gaming afternoons!

  2. So glad to have you as a part of the PegHead Nation. Patrick here, I do not want you (or others) to misconstrue my comments as saying that kids can not enjoy more complex games, they can. My son’s favorite game is Legendary too, and guess what he is awesome at it. Like you I had to curate his gameplay at first, but soon enough he was killing it. I agree that kids are smart, really smart, and the right game can help make them even smarter. My only point was (and perhaps it was missed in the midst of my strong handed tone) that you have to let your kids dictate the pace of their gameplay. It sounds like you have done just that. Bravo! Our hobby can be a great opportunity for our kids to develop skills and foster a wonderful family bond. I would just caution some to make sure that they are working at their kids pace, not their own.

    1. Hi Patrick, No no, your episode was very clear and informative! Thoroughly enjoyed the points you made. I definitely agree with you that we need to let the kids go at their own pace. No point pushing them to play a game that is simply beyond them – not fun for anyone. I’m learning so much about how playing games can teach a child so many things. Turn taking, being gracious winners and losers, how to look ahead and think about consequences, math skills… it’s just endless! Thanks for a great show.

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