Episode 8: Divinare/Escape: The Curse of the Temple/Board Game Themes

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Episode 8: Divinare, Escape and Theme



During this week’s episode:

1) Patrick and Robb discuss their recent game plays including reviews of Keyflower and Ghost Stories: White Moon, recent gaming news and Essen 2013.

2) The guys and the girls review Brett J. Gilbert’s Divinaire and Kristian Amundsen Østby’s Escape: The Curse of the Temple.

3) The guys and the girls talk about their favorite board game themes.

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14 thoughts on “Episode 8: Divinare/Escape: The Curse of the Temple/Board Game Themes

  1. Great episode, guys! Oooh, I’m going to have to buy Escape now. I’ve seen/heard too many good reviews of it not to own it!

    For info, you asked on the podcast how BoardGameArena makes money – it takes donations. A donation gives you access to the Club Board Game Arena, plus you can then access stats about members’ (and your) rankings, game statistics and player stats.

  2. Hey guys. I’m curious why there are multiple downloads of each episode. I use an Android and each week it seems that I get duplicates of the same episode. For example, this week I got 1/2 | Episode 8: Devinare/Escape: The Curse of the temple and a 2/2 of the same thing. Both episodes were the exact same length and I couldn’t determine any differences.

  3. Hey, I started listening a few episodes ago. I was really pleased to be able to hear some opinions on boardgames from women. (The opening of the show calls Keri and Christina “reluctant”, but they don’t come across that way during the segment of the show when all the Pegs get together!) I enjoy hearing all of your opinions– I also appreciate hearing about what works for families– but unfortunately the bit when you tried to categorize what guys like vs. what girls like made me want to roll my eyes and sigh. So yes, I’m one of those women you were expecting an email from. Not only do I like all that geeky fantasy and sci-fi stuff (as well as non-genre stuff like Agricola and Pandemic), but I’m actually the main gamer in the family, with a “sometimes-reluctant” husband. 🙂

    Having said that, though, if I were asked to categorize what men like vs. what women like, I probably would have said I think more men like war games or confrontational games, and more women like non-confrontational games, where winning doesn’t rely on attacking the other players. Of course, this is just as dangerously fraught with stereotyping, but… based on your own preferences, would the Pegs agree?

    1. We start by saying, your work is incredible. Glad to discover it and can not wait to explore more.

      As to our stereotyping, you are entirely correct. I (Patrick) concede to knowing several female board game players. And as I noted it is a genre that leaves me cold. That said, the Pink Pegs often have a hard time embracing that theme and it my experience that is true of many women, deriving perhaps from certain bias that have been built into many peoples perceptions of the genre due to the over sexulization of women in RPGs.

      I can not over emphasize the deleterious impact I believe some of those characterizations have had upon gender equality gaming. This is not to say that every feminine persona in fantasy is like this, but a lot are and the old chestnut upon teenage wish fulfillment during RPG play is true and sadly some never outgrow that.

      As to the predominance of our gaming role within our families, we recognize that our dynamic is unique to our families. We also recognize that you may relate more to our experience then our wives. It is great to hear about your “occasionally reluctant” spouse, keep us informed of any insight you may be able to share.

      Finally, your observation regarding conflict and gender feels like it is consistent with our experience. That said I typically prefer games where conflict is occasional and moderate.

      In any event, thanks for listening and your comments.

      1. Oh, gosh, thank you! 🙂

        Well, as you saw, my background is comics, so I am well schooled in the fine art of getting past and fighting against the oversexualization of women! 😀 Fortunately, in both comics and boardgames, there are many excellent choices available for those of us who want to support the creators and companies who go that extra mile to make their products appealing to both genders.

        Oh, and I meant to add: on the topic games with a real science theme, you might be interested in Compounded, which was launched on Kickstarter earlier this year. It’s all about building chemical compounds, and apparently much effort was taken to ensure all the chemistry is sound. Although the reviews made it seem quite good I can’t speak to whether it’s any fun or not because the game hasn’t arrived yet, but I backed it purely because of that science-y theme!

        I’m enjoying the podcasts, thanks for all your efforts!

      2. Thanks for the game recommendation. I was just listening to State of Play and they were discussing the game and I resolved to try to get a copy to play and discuss it during an episode. We would love to hear your thoughts once you have given it a few plays.

  4. Just got started on listening to Blue Peg Pink Peg and I’m really digging it, great idea for a gaming podcast, love the inclusion of the significant others. I’ve got a tit for tat situation for you. During your rules explanation of Escape it never occured to me to share dice results other than gold masks between players in the same room so I look forward to trying that. However, you cannot share key results in the exit tile, everyone has to escape on their own. I figured that out after the first time we won and went…oh…we didn’t really win yet.

    1. However escaping parties may give a die to one party that remains in the temple. Did we share our key results in the final room? We may have, however I do recall now that you may not. Thanks for listening.

  5. Saw a beautifully illustrated game on Kickstarter with anthropomorphic animals called Migration. Has unique movement abilities for each animal.

    I have been digging into the audio archives for back episodes. Love the variety of perspectives you all bring to game reviews.

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