Episode 240: Carnegie

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Terminus, Inventions: Evolution of Ideas, Dog Park and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Carnegie; and

3) Talk about A.T.O.M 2023.

Show Notes

1:16 – Most of the pegs reminisce about A.T.O.M 2023 and all the amazing content creators that were there: All the Meeples of the Rainbow, Our Family Plays Games, Rolling Dice and Taking Names, Board Game Coffee, Tantrum House, Dani Standring, Grant Lyon, Little Meeples, and Man vs Meeple. Hosted by the amazing publishers: Queen Games, Inside Up Games and Eagle Gryphon Games.

21:03 – Kevin makes a friend

26:36 – Robb talks D&D movie


31:02 – Terminus [Buy] – Publisher: Inside Up Games ; Designers: Earl AspirasThomas Volpe; Art: Edu Valls;

41:12 – Inventions-Evolution of Ideas [Buy] – Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games; Designer: Vital Lacerda; Art: Ian O’Toole;

50:19 – Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition-Crisis [Buy] – Publisher: Stronghold Games; Designers: Sydney EngelsteinJacob FryxeliusNick Little (I); Art: Nio Mendoza;

59:53– Dog Park [Buy] – Publisher: Birdwood Games ; Designers: Lottie HazellJack Hazell; Artists: Kate AveryHolly ExleyDann May;


1:08:20Clank Legacy 2

1:14:09BattleTech KS

1:20:20Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition

1:23:33Tall Tales KS

1:27:12Terra Mystica….the movie?

1:31:01Klaus Teuber passes away


1:35:24 – Rules Gist


Designed by Xavier Georges, Art: Ian O’Toole, Published-Quined Games and Pegasus Spiele

In Carnegie, players will recruit employees and expand their businesses by investing in real estate, producing goods, developing transport technology, and creating transport chains across the United States. To become the most philanthropic company ever! 

The game takes place over 20 rounds, with players each having one turn per round. In each round the active player will choose one of four actions by selecting the Timeline that they wish to use and then places the Timeline (gear) immediately to the right of that action’s marker on that Timeline; doing so will trigger one of two events (regions or donations) and determine which actions players will be able to use..Active player chooses the action and other players will follow.

The four actions are: Human Resources-(allows you to move employees around your departments in your company), Management (help to generate resources and build new Departments to expand the Company) , Construction (allows players to build projects onto the board in different cities and place employees into regions), and Research and Development  (allows players to move their transportation markers and develop their project tabs by sliding them out). 

When an action is selected either regions will be triggered or a donation phase will be triggered. When it’s a region, depending on what region of the map that the gear is on, any player that has employees in that region will be able to pull back their workers and trigger an income phase, based on where their marker is on the transportation track and what income is available from their project tabs. When it’s a donation, players will have the choice to spend money to secure an end game scoring donation. Next each player will execute the action that was chosen based on the different departments they have on their board with the same name. So if the Construction action was chosen I would be able to activate all of my construction departments that were on my board with active employees in those departments in any order of my choosing. 

As the game progresses players are building projects in cities, increasing their markers on the transportation tracks, acquiring new departments in their building,  improving their project tabs and securing donations for end game scoring. 

 At the end of 20 rounds players add up points from their connected cities, active employees on their board, departments built, project tabs, projects built in cities and their donations. The player with the most VP at the end of the game will be declared the winner. Let’s head back to the studio to see which peg was the most philanthropic.

1:38:30 – Review

2:01:01– Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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2 thoughts to “Episode 240: Carnegie”

  1. So, Pegs, fun fact…while we call the game Chutes and Ladders it is Snakes and Ladders in Canada, Europe, and even India where it often is used to teach good and bad behavior.

    Great episode!

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