Episode 217: Tenpenny Parks

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays includingTransformers-Deckbuilding Game, Living Forest, Factory Funner and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Tenpenny Parks; and

3) Look back at Almanac-The Dragon Road.

Show Notes


1:21 – Winners for the Southern Fried Gaming Expo!!

3:43– New contest-CORAQUEST

6:45 – Goblin Talk

7:52-Pun Peg….or not

9:16-Another D&D session in the books

12:40-Discord MEETUP Announced

20:09-Elden Ring AKA you died

28:42-Kevin’s poor back


32:23 – Factory Funner [Buy] – BoardGameTables.com; Designer: Corné van Moorsel ; Art: Steven Tu;

40:26 – Transformers: Deckbuilding Game [Buy] – Renegade Game Studios; Designer: Dan Blanchett, & Matt Hyra; Art: Matt Frank;

53:49 – Living Forest [Buy] –Ludonaute ; Designer: Aske Christiansen ; Art: Apolline Etienne;

1:01:51 – Ghosts of Christmas [Buy] – BoardGameTables.com; Designer: Taiki Shinzawa ; Art: Maria Surducan ;


1:08:25 – Great Western Trail-Rails to the North Expansion 2nd edition

1:10:31 – Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition EXPANSION on KS

1:14:01My Island

1:16:01Rear Window

1:18:53D&D Masks

1:23:55Dice Bath Bombs


1:29:04 – Rules Gist

Step right up one and all for this 1 to 4 player worker placement game designed by Nate Linhart, art by Vincent Dutrait and published by thunderworks games where you strive to build the best darn theme park this side of Action Park.

The game takes place over 5 rounds representing months of building and advertising your own theme park. Initially the first player rotates the center carousel which can increase the price of certain rides or reduce the cost depending on where the 1st player decides to stop the rotation.  There is an income phase where players collect a minimum of three dollars plus money associated with any of their attractions or concession stands. On a player turn a worker is placed triggering one of the following actions. Purchasing and building a ride which is a Tetris style tiles placed on the player’s board. Rides also allow players to move up the 3 emotion tracks. The emotion tracks allows players in game perks like gaining an additional worker, gaining vp, gaining the 1st player token or gaining money. They can purchase an attraction or concession stand which generates income. They can visit an arborist to cut down trees on their property, opening up more space to build. They can purchase land expansions or visit the bank to get money. 

After all workers are placed a round’s action phase is over and the emotion track bonuses are distributed.  Finally, players have the option to advertise their attractions based off a printed costs on the attraction cards to gain VP.  Play continues for five rounds.

End of game scoring consists of printed value on cards, placement on the emotion tracks, fulfillment of game objective cards player’s select during setup, bonuses for either 6, 7 or 8 attractions built. The player with the most points win – duh. 

1:31:35 – Review

1:52:42 – Ratings


1:59:58 – Almanac-The Dragon Road [Buy] – Kolossal Games; Designer: Scott Almes; Art: Chris Byer, & Jacqui Davis;

Check out our original review for Almanac-The Dragon Road during Episode 193.

Gameplay Photos

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