Episode 211-Bitoku

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Picture Perfect, Jekyll vs Hyde, Sands of Time and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Bitoku;

3) Look back at Alma Mater; and

4) The Pegs look ahead to 2022 with their resolutions, predictions and crazy predictions!

Show Notes

01:13 – Robb spooks us out with his take on “spirit” trivia


05:07 – Check in on Whoop Whoop Team Droop

13:40 – Jeremy and Tara’s take on PAXU

17:20 – Last of the Advent calendar talk but wait….who is Hot Toddy Tom?

24:47- BPPP Secret Santa details and information

26:30-Sending good vibes to Secret Cabal


27:05 – Picture Perfect [Buy] – Arcane Wonders; Designer: Anthony Nouveau; Art: Ronny LiborGyula PozsgaySören MedingMaja Wrzosek;

38:42 – MicroMacro-Crime City Full House [Buy] – Pegasus Spiele; Designer: Johannes Sich; Art: Daniel GollTobias JochinkeJohannes Sich;

47:05 – Jekyll vs Hyde [Buy] – Mandoo Games; Designer: Geonil; Art: Vincent Dutrait ;

54:30 – Sands of Time [Buy] – Spielworxx; Designer: Jeff Warrender; Art: Harald Lieske;


1:03:24 – So You’ve Been Eaten-pre-order– 2pl game where one player is a miner that gets ingested by a beast, and the other player is the beast! Pre-order available now from Ludicreations

1:06:59 – Dungeons, Dice and Danger-Roll and Write, by Richard Garfield and Ravensburger


1:10:05 – Rules Gist

The theme of Bitoku is that players take on the roles of Bitoku spirits of the forest in their path towards transcendence, with the goal of elevating themselves and becoming the next great spirit of the forest. Bitoku is played over four rounds, split up into 4 seasons. During each round, you will use 3 cards and 3 dice. Cards and dice represent Yōkai — Guardian spirits of the Forest. Every player has the same set of Yōkai cards which they will play out of their hands  to unlock their die which will then be placed onto the main board to trigger actions. These Yōkai cards have abilities on them that are activated when played and there are ways to get more Yōkai cards in your hand and also a way to cull your deck throughout the game. This game has so much going on, literally when you look at the game board you are going to be very overwhelmed. But in this gist here is what happens during the game. On your turn you can either play Yōkai cards into your play area (which may or may not unlock dice), play your unlocked die onto the board in a variety of different ways that will gain you spirits, dragonflies, soul crystals, buildings that can be played into different areas of the forest and so many other options, move your die across the river or pass. Each player has a set of pilgrims that will also be used to move them down a path towards illumination spaces or torii spaces which provide a variety of things. Oh wait there is more, there are vision cards which are end game scoring, there are Iwakura rocks which provide end game scoring, Bitoku cards which is essentially a set collection game, and Kodamas that move along forest tiles to gain points. There are so many paths to victory it’s nuts. Let’s head back over to the pegs to see if any of them were able to become the great spirit of the forest.

1:12:13 – Deep Dive Review

1:44:33 – Ratings


01:52:54 – Alma Mater [Buy] – eggertspiele; Designer: AcchittoccaFlaminia BrasiniVirginio GigliStefano LupertoAntonio Tinto; Art: Chris Quilliams;

Check out our original review for Alma Mater during Episode 187.

Resolutions, Predictions and Crazy Predictions for 2022

1:58:41-Robb, Christina and Jeremy revisit their 2021 resolutions to see how they did……it was a thing.

Gameplay Photos

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