Episode 205: The Night Cage

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Verdant, Furnace, Paint the Roses and many more;

2) All the Pegs review The Night Cage; and

3) Look back at Trismegistus.


1:40 – October themed two truths and lie.


7:25World Series of Board Gaming-October 2022

10:58 – Origins and the best purse on the planet!

29:28 – Balloon Festival


33:12 – Verdant* [Buy] – Flatout Games; Designer: Molly JohnsonRobert MelvinAaron MesburneKevin RussShawn Stankewich ; Art: Beth Sobel ;

39:30 – Furnace [Buy] – Arcane Wonders; Designer: Ivan Lashin; Art: Sergey DulinMarta IvanovaIlya KonovalovOleg Yurkov et.al,

48:48 – Glass Road [Buy] – Capstone Games; Designer: Uwe Rosenberg; Art: Dennis Lohausen;

56:42 – Paint the Roses * [Buy] – Northstar Games; Designer: Ben Goldman; Art: Jacqui Davis; Live on Kickstarter Oct. 12th. p.s. Early subscribers get a free Cheshire Kitten promo here: https://www.northstargames.com/pages/paint-the-roses


1:04:30Bonfire Expansion!! & new game from Designer of Root/Oath to Make Arc

1:10:24HABA Animal Upon Animal Advent Calendar OMGGGGG, New Game-Gutenberg New Designers: (Shoak) and Wisniewski

1:16:22PAXUnplugged Vaccination Requirements! PAXU-Dec.10-12th. Philadelphia, PA

The Night Cage

1:21:25 – Rules Breakdown

The Night Cage is designed by Christopher Ryan Chan, Chris McMahon and Rosswell Saunders. Published by Smirk and Laughter Games. The Night Cage is a fully co-operative, horror-themed tile-placement game that holds 1-5 players in about 40-60 minutes. To win, players must each collect a key, find a gate, and escape as a group before time runs out. Tiles will be drawn from a stack which represents the amount of time players have to escape and be placed onto the board throughout the game. Since players only have a candle to light their path only the tiles orthogonally adjacent to the players tile will remain on the board. Meaning that as players explore around, tiles will be removed from the board and discarded; always changing the landscape of the board. On your turn players Either stay or move: Stay– in which you gain a nerve and draw a tile, placing adjacent to you. Nerve tokens can be discarded to reduce the damage by monsters or to move again. Move-Move 1 space orthogonally along a connected path. If you move onto a key,  take one. Then draw tiles according to how many connected paths your tile has; thus exposing more of the board. There are a lot of different monsters in this game that all play differently however the common theme is that when their tile is drawn it is placed on the board and when triggered they will either cause players to fall into a pit, snuff out their candle and/or deplete tiles from the stack. 

If all 4 keys and all players are at the same gate, you win!

If the 4th gate tile is discarded, you lose.

If too many keys have been discarded, you lose.

If you cannot assemble 4 keys and everyone at a gate before time is up, you all lose.

1:23:20– Review

1:43:58– Ratings


1:52:12 – Trismegistus [Buy] – Board & Dice; Designer: Federico PierlorenziDaniele Tascini; Art: Paweł NiziołekPaulina Wach ;

Check out our original review for GAME during Episode 180.

Gameplay Photos

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  1. WSBG sounds like an interesting concept and it will be something to see in action as to how it works out in practice.

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