Episode 153- The Artemis Project

During this week’s episode:

1) The Pegs discuss their recent gameplays including: QE, Bargain Quest, Terror Below and more;

2) All the Pegs review the worker placement game The Artemis Project; and

3) Look back at Petrichor.

Click here for game play photos and show notes.

NOTE: Board game discussion starts at 23:47.

To access the direct download, click here.

Certain of the aforementioned reviews derive from a copy of the reviewed game which was provided by the publisher, free of charge.

:52- Renaissance Trivia; 8:00- #FeldMeld Winners; 12:19- Jeremy news; 16:07- PegHead Visits/Travel; 20:47- Summer Secret Santa; 24:37- Bargain Quest; 30:59- Medium; 39:39- Terror Below; 48:48- QE; 56:40- Res Arcana; 1:00:10- Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit; 1:07:30- Heist: OTOM; 1:12:47- Patient Zero; 1:21:40- Century: A New World; 1:26:10- Aftermath; 1:32:28- Variable Player Power; 1:35:12- Fiasco Reprint; 1:38:58- Half Truth; 1:43:30- Hasbro & Plastic; 1:45:00- The Artemis Project: Rules; 1:47:50- The Artemis Project: Review; 2:27:58- Petrichor: Re-Roll


2 thoughts on “Episode 153- The Artemis Project

  1. I am listening to episode 153, and while I hardly ever comment of things online, I had to give a small shout out and correction to Bargain Quest, which has become a favorite in my house the past few weeks. You seemed to love the game except for the fact that it took too long. You said in the podcast that the boss hit points are twice the number of players, but that is incorrect. The rulebook states “if the monster has received a number of wound tokens *equal to or greater than the total number of players*, the monster is defeated,” which means in a 6 player game, the monster would have 6 hit points, not 12. Since this was your only complaint, I felt the rules should be clarified for anyone thinking about purchasing this game. 🙂

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