Episode 4- Gen Con 2013 Review/Dungeon Roll/Libertalia

Click On The Text Below To Listen To The Fourth Episode Of Blue Peg, Pink Peg, our Gen Con 2013 Review.
Episode 4: Gen Con Review
During this week’s episode:
1) Patrick and Robb discuss the games played, people seen and things done at GenCon2013.
2) The guys and the girls review Chris Darden’s Dungeon Roll, a light (literally) dice rolling press your luck game.
3) The guys and the girls review Paolo Mori’s Libertalia, a hand management game in which pirate crews compete and conspire to divide up loot.
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0 thoughts to “Episode 4- Gen Con 2013 Review/Dungeon Roll/Libertalia”

  1. Only about to start episode 5 as I started at the beginning with the first episode but am loving it so far. I really like the incorporation of the pink pegs, you don’t see or get to hear wives/women gamers in general opinions often enough in podcasts so it was a refreshing way to do a gaming podcast I thought.
    As a female gamer my house is flipped the opposite way, my honey is the more casual gamer and I’m the hardcore die-hard but I find I can relate with both colored pegs on a lot of the topics you’ve covered so far.

    1. Madbonna,
      We are so glad to hear that you found us and are enjoying the podcast. We are so glad to hear from a female gamer who is the prominent gamer in her family. We recognize that there are many women like you. That is why we try to keep our comments regarding this gamer family dynamics as gender neutral as possible.
      Please keep in touch as we would love to hear and incorporate your insights and experience. As you have thoughts about the topices we discuss that are unique to hard core female gamers, feel free to drop us a line. We would love to pass your thoughts on.
      We hope you keep listening and keep enjoying the podcast.

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