Episode 210: Cape May

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Brian Boru: High King of Ireland, Rolling Realms, Berried Treasure and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Cape May; and

3) Look back at Dune Imperium.

Show Notes

01:23 – Trivia


3:34 – Poutine Talk

4:50 – Introduction of Kovray Studios and the duo behind it Ilya and Tylor

13:55– PAXU Convention Chat


28:53 – Berried Treasure[Buy] – Restoration Games; Designer: Noah CohenRob DaviauJustin D. JacobsonBrian Neff; Art: Heather Vaughan;

32:16 – Brian Boru: High King of Ireland [Buy] – Osprey Games; Designer: Peer Sylvester ; Art: Deirdre de Barra;

41:07 – Riverside [Buy] – Chilifox Games; Designer:Eilif SvenssonÅsmund Svensson ; Art: Gjermund Bohne;

46:53 – Rolling Realms * [Buy] – Stonemaier Games; Designer: Jamey Stegmaier ; Art: Marius PetrescuMiles Bensky;


54:25 – Legacy Lounge-Jurassic Park-Legacy of Isla Nublar

1:03:08BOT Factory Announced

1:04:49 – Upcoming release of Endless Winter

1:06:58– Gloomhaven Minis

1:09:12Dicetower Podcast Ends

1:11:56Asmodee News

Cape May

1:19:24 – Rules Gist

1:22:01 – Review

1:45:30 – Ratings


1:52:00 – Dune Imperium [Buy] – Dire Wolf ; Designer: Paul Dennen; Art: Clay BrooksRaul RamosNate Storm ;

Check out our original review for Dune Imperium during Episode 186.

Gameplay Photos

* Disclosure: These titles were received free of charge by the publishers or distributors. If you are interested in submitting a title for review, please read our Review Policy.

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