Episode 208: Oink Games Suite

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1) The Pegs and their amazing guests Crystal and Ambie discuss their recent game plays including Weather Machine, Floriferous, Arch Ravels and many more;

2) All the Pegs provide a deep dive of Oink Games; and

3) Look back at Lost Ruins of Arnak.

Show Notes

01:18 – Crystal delights us with information on yawning…..is it contagious?


04:22 – Our delightful guests Crystal and Ambie from Board Game Blitz tell us all about themselves.

20:57 – Our package from Norway and delightful goodies

23:26 – The group talks all about ADVENT calendars

33:18-Christina and Robb are jerks. Huge thanks to the contributors to the 200th Anniversary episode video!


36:43 – Floriferous 2021 [Buy] –Pencil First Games, LLC ; Designer: Eduardo BarafSteve Finn ; Art: Clémentine Campardou;

43:00 – Weather Machine 2022 [Buy] –Eagle-Gryphon Games ; Designer: Vital Lacerda; Art: Ian O’Toole;

49:59 – Robots 2020 [Buy] – Pandasaurus Games; Designer: Reinhard Staupe ; Art: Oliver Freudenreich ;

55:39 – Arch Ravels * 2021 [Buy] – XYZ Game Labs, Inc; Designer: Adam McCrimmonJordan Miller; Art: Rochelle Steder;


1:03:09Tabletop Live Network Anniversary Event Nov.27th

1:09:45 – Dark Tower is getting ready to ship!

1:11:18 – 3 new Valeria universe games on Kickstarter

1:13:19-Be like a Crow RPG on Kickstarter…that’s right


No rules breakdown this time as we are doing something a little different. Everyone will be talking about OINK GAMES, we’ve picked a few of our favorite titles and then we will be deep diving OINK GAMES as a whole publishing company. We’ve never done this before so hopefully you will enjoy!

01:20:40 – Review

01:51:35 – Ratings


02:01:03 – Lost Ruins of Arnak[Buy] – Czech Games Edition; Designer: ElwenMín; Art: Jiří KůsOndřej HrdinaJakub PolitzerFrantišek SedláčekMilan Vavroň;

Check out our original review for Lost Ruins of Arnak during Episode 184.

Gameplay Photos

* Disclosure: These titles were received free of charge by the publishers or distributors. If you are interested in submitting a title for review, please read our Review Policy.

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