Episode 190: Praga Caput Regni

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Cubitos, Funfair, Machi Koro Legacy and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Praga Caput Rigni; and

3) Look back at Sierra West.

Show Notes

00:01:10 – Trivia: Egg Nog…I guess?


00:08:15 – Discord Info

00:11:02 – The most family party game at the Holmes House

00:14:12 – Harper’s Game Objections

00:17:28 – Christina’s Gloomhaven Puzzle

00:19:03 – Spice Road with Spices


00:21:09Cubitos * – Alderac Entertainment Group; Designer: John D. Clair; Art: Jacqui DavisPhilip GlofcheskieRyan IlerMatt Paquette;

00:28:28Funfair * – Good Games Publishing; Designer: Joel Finch; Art: Lina CossetteDavid Forest;

00:36:10Long Shot: The Dice Game * – Perplext; Designer: Chris Handy; Art: Clau Souza;

00:43:03 – A word from our sponsor, Queen Games

00:45:00Minecraft: Builders and Biomes * – Ravensburger; Designer: Ulrich Blum;

00:55:50Flash 8 * – Le Scorpion Masqué; Designer: Joan Dufour; Art: Sabrina Miramon;

01:01:38Machi Koro Legacy * – Pandasaurus Games ; Designer: Rob DaviauMasao Suganuma; Art: Noboru HottaJason D. KingsleyStevo Torres;


01:08:19Richard Garfield’s Roguebook

01:15:44Admodee Acquires Boardgamearena

01:18:01Block and Key Kickstarter

01:22:12 – Great Western Trail Second Edition

01:25:27 – Avatar: Oh My Cabbages!

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REVIEW: Praga Caput Regni

01:30:27 – Rules Breakdown

Praga Caput Regni is designed by Vladimír Suchý, with art by Milan Vavroň and published by Rio Grande Games in 2020.  In Praga, players will contribute to the development of medieval Prague by developing the city and their own player board, while advancing on various tracks to set themselves up for big end-game scoring.

On a player’s turn, they will select an action from the “action crane,” a rotating board with various double-hexagonal tiles representing one or more actions.  Depending on the tile on the crane and the position of the crane’s rotation, the might have a cost or a point bonus, and may be modified by other bonus abilities.  An action tile will generally have two actions for the player to choose from, with actions being repeated in various combinations across tiles.

Once chosen, the player will carry out the chosen action.  Every action corresponds to an action space on the player’s personal board, and as the game continues these actions might be improved one or more times with various upgrades to make them more powerful.

Praga Caput Regni has a remarkably complicated system of actions and interactions, so rather than going in detail I’ll summarize as follows:  Actions will generally result in one of three things: gaining either stone or gold resources or increasing the production level thereof, adding tiles to the game board or the players personal action board, or advancing along the bridge track to gain resources and eventually end-game scoring tiles.  In each of these cases, advancing on a track or adding a tile to the play area may trigger any number of cascading benefits.  For example, matching icons on the edge of upgrade and/or castle tiles on the player’s board may give them points or resources.  Certain castle or town tiles may allow the player to advance on the cathedral or wall track, which can have massive end-game point implications.  Certain actions will allow the players to advance on tracks that provide technology upgrades with ongoing benefits.  The collection of window resources may allow the player to take an extra bonus action at the end of their turn.  In all cases, these benefits can be chained together, making for some very powerful actions.

The game continues until each player has taken 16 turns as measured by the rotations of the action crane.  Points will be scored over the course of the game, but at the end of the last turns a number of end-game scoring conditions are resolved, including position on both the wall and cathedral tracks, various end-game scoring tiles, and scoring plazas on the main board.  Final scores are tallied, and the player with the most points wins.

01:34:17 – Review

02:02:37 – Ratings

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02:14:52Sierra WestBoard&Dice; Designer: Jonny Pac; Art: Jakub FajtanowskiMichał Długaj;

Check out our original review for Sierra West during Episode 165.

Gameplay Photos

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