Show Notes: Episode 96- Railroad Revolution

(if you are interested in learning more about the matters or products discussed below, just click on the text and you will be guided to the appropriate site)

1:10- Christina tells us about the horror that is Lavender Town from a 1996 version of Pokemon. [to read more at creepypasta]

4:20- All of the Pegs talk about their forthcoming 100th episode and ask the PegHeads for ideas about what they should do during that episode. [click here to give us some ideas]

7:48- Robb talks about his buying binges.

12:43- Robb talks about playing Star Wars: Destiny at our FLGS, Mishap Games.

17:00- Jeremy updates on his plans to include a time element in Last Friday. [buy] [publisher]

20:00- Patrick talks about an older Uwe Rosenberg title, Ora et Labora. [buy] [BGG]

Ora et Labora

24:36- Jeremy talks about finally getting to play a title that keeps slipping out of his shopping cart, Rex. [buy] [publisher]

Photo Apr 03, 12 40 41 AM

31:57- Robb and Christina talk about two-player The Colonists. [buy] [publisher]

37:38- Patrick talks about the two-player game Fight for Olympus. [buy] [publisher]

Race for Olympus

42:00- Jeremy talks about the forthcoming racing title, Chariots of Rome.  [publisher]

46:41- Patrick talks about the fast and easy to learn family tile laying game, Kingdomino. [buy] [publisher]


51:06- Robb and Christina talk about playing Go Go Gelato with their daughter. [BGG] [publisher]

56:46- Patrick talks about playing the whimsical pattern recognition game, Shiba Inu House. [buy] [publisher]

Shiba Inu

1:02:04- Robb gives some love to our great friends at The Secret Cabal in support of their ongoing kickstarter campaign. [kickstarter]

1:04-:03- Robb talks about the beauty of the Gloomhaven insert. [buy the insert] [kickstarter for Gloomhaven]

1:06:10- Jeremy disuses the upcoming re-print of Brass and its sequel, Brass: Birmingham. [kickstarter] [BGG Brass: Lancashire] [BGG Brass: Birmingham] [publisher]

1:09:47- Patrick discuss a game designed by two Iranian designers, Linkit (not Linkus). [to read more]

Photo by: Amin Mahdavi, via Analog Games.

1:13:41- Patrick talks about the forthcoming social deduction game, Red Scare. [buy] [BGG]


1:16:46- Christina discusses her epistolary endeavors through Geek Girl PenPals. [click here to join]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Too Many Words by Sick Puppy.

1:20:38- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Railroad Revolution. [buy] [publisher]

Bumper Music- Railroading on the Great Divide performed by Billy Bragg and Joe Henry.

1:25:40- All of the Pegs review Railroad Revolution.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- The DuckTales Theme

2:04:18- All of the Pegs revisit, Mombasa. (Improves) [click here to read what the PegHeads think about Mombasa] [buy] [BGG]


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