Show Notes: Episode 94- Adrenaline

Peg Catch Up

1:21- Robb fills us in on some of the odd theories behind the meaning of the 1994 hit song from The Ace of Bass, I Saw the Sign.
3:51- The Pegs and special guest Isaac Childres of Cephalofair Games crown the winner(s) in our #21lbsofgame contest. [publisher]

The Winner!

The Jury’s (God) Prize Winner

Paul Gates

The Runner Ups

Mark Wynn

Honorable Mentions

pgWqe9N - Imgur

Tom McHugh

26:00- Robb lusts after the Gloomhaven insert by Meeple Realty. [publisher]
26:40- The guys anticipate RobbCon 2017.
32:00- Jeremy and Christina talk about some of the games they played and people they met at Mysticon in Roanoke, VA.
The Franks

35:54- Jeremy and Christina recount there plays of Isle of Monsters. [buy] [publisher]
38:35- Christina gets on the hidden movement slasher bandwagon as she describes her plays of Last Friday. [buy] [publisher]
40:48- The young Pegs return to their your as they describe their plays of the take that card game, The Illuminati Deluxe. [buy] [publisher]
43:00- Robb and Christina talk about their growing hate for the judgey Bob as they play TIME Stories, Under the Mask. [buy] [publisher]
51:00- Patrick talks about the card drafting game Baseball Highlights: 2045. [buy] [publisher]
56:00- Thing Fall Apart and our play of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 begins.
58:00- Patrick talks about playing a re-print of a classic family card game, Zero. [BGG] [buy][publisher]
1:04:00- Jeremy talks about playing a roll and move game, Zombie Roadtrip, given to him by his loving sister. [buy] [publisher]
1:09:00- Robb talks about dropping cards and staking monkeys as he describes playing Tumble Tree with his daughter. [buy] [publisher]
1:12:49- Patrick talks about the team based family game, Flag Dash. [buy] [publisher]
1:17:30- Patrick raves (and makes a few errors) about Arkham Horror: The Card Game. [buy] [publisher]
1:34:07- Robb previews the upcoming title from Bezier Games, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig. [BGG]
1:38:00- Patrick anticipates a re-print of an Asian title that is impossible to get, Minerva.
image by Toshiyuki Hashitani

1:41:48- Patrick talks about how the CIA uses board games to train analyst. [Ars Technica]
via Ars Technica

1:46:00- Patrick talks about CMON’s newest tactical minis game, The Song of Ice and Fire.
1:51:00- The Pegs discuss Eric Lang’s appointment as CMON’s Director of Game Design.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Game Review

Bumper Music- The Sign as performed by Girl Talk of Full House.
1:55:00- Patrick provides a quick rules breakdown of Adrenaline. [buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music- Adrenaline by The Roots.
1:58:00- All of the Pegs review Adrenaline.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- I Hate Shakespeare from Something Rotten
2:25:40- All of the Pegs revisit Shakespeare. (no change) (Click here to read what the PegHeads thought of Shakespeare.)