Show Notes: Episode 92- Barcelona: The Rose of Fire plus Gloomhaven Contest

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1:08- Robb tells us about an incredibly named hill, clocking in at a stunning 92 letters long. Tetaumata­whakatangihanga­koaua­o­tamatea­urehaeaturipuka­pihimaunga­horo­nuku­pokaiwhenuaa­kitana­rahu
3:30- The Pegs recount the curse fest that was the GenCon 2017 hotel booking. (play the video below on loop for about 2 hours and you’ll have an idea of what it was like).
9:24- Jeremy talks about Kingsport Festival: The Card Game. [buy] [publisher]
13:48- Jeremy fills us in on a combat-less civ builder that he very much enjoyed, CVilization. [buy] [publisher]
19:19- Christina give some initial impressions of Santorini. [buy] [publisher]
26:19- Patrick talks about the innovative set collection game Saloon Tycoon, along with a few tweaks that he thinks would make the game sublime. [buy] [publisher]
32:33- Patrick discusses the cold war era action selection game Covert. [buy] [publisher]
38:50- Jeremy joins Patrick in his profound affection for Martin Wallace’s Ships. [buy] [publisher]
44:22- Patrick talks about coming late to the party in discovering Champions of Midgard. [buy] [publisher]
50:04- We return to legacy game corner with discussion of the forthcoming Charterstone. [buy] [publisher]
55:01- Patrick talks about the follow up to Terra Mystica, Gaia Project. [BGG]
57:53- Chrsitina “uses” her pledge finger and backs Sub Terra. [BGG] [kickstarter]
59:10- Robb talks about the social deduction word game coming from Bezier Games, Werewords. [BGG] [publisher]
1:02:18- The Pegs talk about a slight hiccup that occurred in connection with the pre-orders of First Martians. [BGG] [publisher] [click here to read Ignacy’s comments] [click here to read an article on the matter]
1:07:20- We discuss Board Game Geek’s Golden Geek Awards, and ask you for your support in the Best Podcast category. (We have been nominated for a third year in a row. We are flattered, honored, and humbled. Thank you to all of the PegHeads. Now let’s go win this thing. Click here to vote.)
1:07:19- We talk about the ways that you can win #21lbsofgame. The hotly anticipated game Gloomhaven, courtesy of Issac Childres and Cephalofair Games. [BGG] [publisher]
1:14:24- We announce the winner of our Mage Company contest.
Bumper Music- Barcelona by George Ezra.
1:15:54- Patrick provides a rules summary of Barcelona: The Rose of Fire. [buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music- Barcelona by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Cabella.
1:20:00- All of the Pegs review Barcelona: The Rose of Fire.

Bumper Music- Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo.
1:52:39- All of the Peg’s revisit Kingdom Death: Monster. No movement. (To hear what the PegHeads have to say about KDM, click here.) [kickstarter] [publisher]