Show Notes: Episode 87- Haspelknecht

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1:11- Robb tells us about the 87 piece multi-tool by Wegner, The Giant.
3:27- Robb updates us on his fashion and film watching plans for December.
4:40- Robb and Christina tell us about playing Dead Last and Happy Salmon with their 6 year old. (Dead Last to buy) (Dead Last publisher) (Happy Salmon to buy) (Happy Salmon publisher)
8:40- Jeremy reviews the story telling game Storyline: Scary Tales. (to buy) (publisher)
Storyline Scary Tales.jpg
12:30- Patrick talks about the charming family style push your luck game, Celestia. (to buy) (publisher)
18:00- Robb reviews the board game version of Mario Cart, Rush & Bash. (BGG page)
Rush & Bash.jpg
20:00- Christina reviews the small box social deduction game Hoax. (to buy) (publisher)
22:20- Patrick discusses playing the sequel social deduction game, SpyFall 2. (to buy) (publisher)
28:00- Robb examines the fun dexterity game, Bucket King 3D. (to buy)
Bucket King 3D.jpg
31:00- Jeremy discusses getting beat soundly by his girlfriend at the 2 player game, The Blood of an Englishman. (to buy) (publisher)
The Blood of an Englishman.jpg
25:30- Patrick recounts playing a game that he loves (but which his mother hated) Bohnanza. (to buy) (publisher)
41:32- Christina talks about filling out her coolstuffinc. cart with Kobayakawa. (to buy) (publisher)
46:00- Robb reviews the Con game, McJohney’s. (BGG Page)
49:15- Patrick reviews the brain burner by Phil Eklund, et al., Pax Porfiriana. (to watch for re-issue)
Pax Porfiriana.jpg
56:26- Christina discusses her recent plays of Kraftwagen. (to buy) (publisher)
59:40- Robb reviews the card laying game Honshu. (BGG Page) (publisher)
1:02:40- Patrick discusses the newest title by Martin Wallace (obtained thanks to Conor of Inside Up) The Arrival. (to buy) (publisher)
1:09:03- Robb and Christina discusses their TIME Stories adventures as they play The Marcy Case. (to buy) (publisher)
The Marcy Case.jpg
1:12:00- Jeremy previews the mini game Ahead in the Clouds. (to buy) (publisher)
1:15:00- Patrick reviews the electronic version of Colt Express. (to buy)
1:22:12- Robb tells us about the dapper Jeremy and his upcoming time on the catwalk.
1:25:00- At yet more discussion of Kingdom Death: Monster.(to back) (publisher)
1:32:00- Christina talks about her hasty Santa and Robb confuses taunting with holiday cheer.
1:34:20- All of the Pegs give some thanks to their recent Patreon backers. (to back)
Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review
Bumper Music- Seagulls, Stop it Now by Bad Lip Reading
1:36:09- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Haspelknecht. (to buy) (publisher)
Bumper Music- Hashpipe by Weezer
1:39:00- All of the Pegs review the action selection game Haspelknecht.

(Sorry about the sub-standard photos, I had the shutter speed set way too low, when we took these photos.)
Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll
2:14:35- All of the Pegs revisit the mini civ-builder, The Golden Ages. (to buy) (publisher) (to see what the PegHeads have to say about The Golden Ages, click here.)