Show Notes: Episode 79- Junk Art and GenCon 2016

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Peg Catch Up

1:12- Christina treats us to a musical re-telling of the destruction of Pompeii with took place in 79 AD.
4:27- Christina recounts her crazy week at RollerCon.
5:50- The Blue Pegs discuss their early departure for GenCon 2016.
8:20- We introduce you to the cast of GenCon characters.
11:20- The guys marvel at the size of the early crowds at GenCon.
12:30- Robb grouses about the fixation upon Pokemon Go!
14:01- The guys discuss their tradition of starting the Con with a peanut butter burger at Scotty’s.
15:30- Robb and Patrick marvel at a secretive Paranoia game in which Jeremy participated.
16:41- Robb and Patrick discuss the benefit of press early access to the Vendor Hall and Robb’s SeaFall tragedy. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
24:35- The guys talk about the Vendor Hall’s ever growing footprint.
27:19- The Pegs describe the great time they had demoing The Pursuit of Happiness and Kraftwagen at the Stronghold Game’s booth. (Kraftwagen publisher) (Kraftwagen purchasing/pre-order) (PoH publisher) (PoH purchasing/pre-order)
29:48- It’s time for Meat Sweats.
32:05- The guys give kudos to Tom for a very impressive Dice Tower Live show.
35:06- Robb fawns over Kingdom Death: Monster.
37:38- The guys discuss playing large group Two Rooms and a Boom.(publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
40:00- The guys discuss the roving PegHead Group Play session and an engagement that followed.
44:44- The wonderful/horrible Secret Cabal Meet Up.
47:30- The guys discuss the results of the First Annual Peg Sprint.
48:00- The guys rave about Codenames: Picture, which did not disappoint. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
49:45-  Robb earns his name when playing Ta-Da. (BGG Page) (purchasing/pre-order)
52:50- Robb and Patrick talk about playing Adrenaline, a Euro Style First Person Shooter Game. (BGG Page)
54:50- Jeremy talks about the programmed movement game London Dread. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
56:50- Patrick and Robb talk about the very impressive Cry Havoc. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
1:00:00- Patrick and Robb ponder the impact that the formatting of the collectible dice game Star Wars Destiny. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
1:04:00- Jeremy considers taking the leap to Mansions of Madness, 2nd Edition. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
1:05:00- Jeremy recounts his initial impressions of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
1:07:58- Robb and Patrick discuss their surprise of the Con, the upcoming Mines of Olnak. (BGG Page)
1:09:02- Robb and Jeremy discuss their mixed feelings about the currently funding Fallen Land. (Kickstarter Page)
1:15:36- Patrick and Robb discuss their early impressions of Colony. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
1:18:35- The guys are a bit torn on their feelings of Martin Wallace’s Hit Z Road. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
1:22:30- Patrick discuss the pleasant surprise of Legendary Inventors, which is similar to but distinct from The Builders. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
1:24:51- Patrick and Robb rave about Capstone Games and their next title, Haspelknecht. (publisher and pre-order)
1:27:06- Jeremy discusses his find of the con, Eko.(publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music: 8 Bit version of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire Theme Song.
1:32:28- Patrick talks the Pegs through the rules for the second Cool Stuff Inc./Dice Tower Thanks for the “Meme-ories” Contest.
Click here to see some of the entries from the 2015 Thanks for the Meme-ories Contest
You can click here to make you own Meme.
1:35:44- Patrick provide a rules breakdown (stack things) for Junk Art by Z-Mam/Pretzel Games. (publisher) (purchasing/pre-order)
Bumper Music: Art Deco by Lana del Rey
1:36:40- All of the Pegs review Junk Art.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music: Here I Come Again by Damn Yankees
1:55:32- All of the Pegs re-vist La Granja (steady).