Show Notes: Episode 69- Shakespeare and Gaming "Beefs"

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Peg Catch Up

2:05- Robb commences on an epic trivia segment about the “magical” number, 69 (dude).
4:37- All of the Blue Pegs (and Green) bemoan the temporary absence of Christina.
4:42- The guys talk about their plans for the upcoming RobbCon 2016.

The Gang from RobbCon 2016. More news coming in episode 70.
8:26- Patrick gives a shout out to the incredible Janesville PegHeads. (click here to join the Janesville PegHeads)
9:00- Robb talks about his newest Kingdom Death: Monster shipment.
10:20- We explore Jeremy’s response to the chimp featured in the Dead of Winter follow up, The Long Night.
13:10- Jeremy shares a bit about his most recent Shadows of Brimstone game session.
15:54- Jeremy discusses a game that his daughter adored, Dale of Merchants by Snowdale Designs and Fullcap Games.
17:20- Jeremy discusses the chaotic and enjoyable game play of iello’s Pingo Pingo.
20:28- Robb lets us all know that if you are planning games with a friend in ICU, do not play Dungeon Roll.
23:00- Robb pays tribute to a fallen Pathfinder: ACG hero and discusses the upcoming Pathfinder electronic implementation.
26:48- Patrick waxes rhapsodic about Mac Gerdt’s action selection game, Navegador.
31:08- Patrick raves about an abstract tile laying game by Mayfair Games, King Chocolate.
36:23- Robb gauges the interest of the other pegs in the innovative game experience, H.E.A.D. Hunters by Gut Shot Games.
39:58- Robb gives an early preview of an upcoming Stefan Feld game, The Oracle of Delphi.
41:26- Patrick shares news of the new Euphoria game, Leaders of Euphoria by Overlord Games.
43:30- Patrick discusses the early details of the new Asmodee subsidiary, Windrider Games and their first title a re-print of Ra.
46:10- Patrick celebrates the incredible PegHead, Danielle Kaufman.
49:20- Patrick previews the abstract game Santorini, kickstarting by Roxley Games on March 28, 2016.
53:04- Patrick thanks all of the Pegs for honoring us with a Golden Geek nomination.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Brush Up Your Shakespeare from Kiss Me Kate by Cole Porter.
55:01- Patrick provides a concise rules breakdown of Ystari Game’s Shakespeare.
Bumper- “To Be or Not to Be” from Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet.
57:10- All of the Pegs review Shakespeare by Ystari Games (distributed in the US by Asmodee).

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Again and Again by Alice in Chains.
Deus 6
1:24:15- All of the Pegs re-visit Deus by Pearl Games and Asmodee. (increase) (click here for the PegHead thoughts on Deus) (click here to play Deus on-line)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper: Clip from Where’s the Beef Ad
1:23:39- All of the Pegs discuss those things about the industry or hobby that rub them the wrong way.