Show Notes: Episode 57- Blood Rage and Expansions

Peg Catch Up:

1:50- Robb tells us the source of the Heinz Slogan, 57 Varieties.


4:44- Robb and Christina talk about visiting Tabletop Games, outside of Cleveland, Ohio.


8:16- Robb and Christina share the details of an oddly located game store, Immortals, Inc.

12:53- Patrick provides mini review of the Fireside Games’ resource management game, The Village Crone.


18:50- Patrick and Jeremy discuss the Floodgate Games’ auction game, Vault Wars.


21:56- Robb and Christina talk about a successful board game night that featured, 6 Nimmt and Saboteur, both by Mayfair Games. (Please note: these are both older titles that will be be coming out soon from Mayfair Games. We would encourage our US listeners not to pay a re-seller a great deal for these titles at this time, as they will soon be available at much lower prices.)


26:42- All of the Pegs rave about Czech Games Editions Codenames and tell everyone it is time to put on their big boy pants so that they can win a copy of this game by tweeting their villain name and secret lair location along with the hashtag #BPPPCodenames.


31:12- Jeremy talks about his play of Z-Man Games, Code of Nine.


36:38- Jeremy discussed the pleasant surprise of the betting game Pandante.


40:18- Robb and Christina predict Robb’s demise.

ToughMud41:10- Robb previews the upcoming LCG from Fantasy Flight Games, Legend of the Five Rings.


43:18- Jeremy discusses an interesting storytelling game with a Lovecraft theme, Lovecraftesque.


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Dance with Me by Ra Ra Riot

49:13- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Blood Rage.

Bumper Music- Ragnarok by GWAR

54:33- All of the Pegs review Cool Mini or Not’s combat game, Blood Rage.
BRage13 BRage12 BRage11 BRage9 BRage8 BRage7 BRage6 BRage5 BRage4 BRage2 BRage1

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Time and Time Again by Counting Crows.

1:24:04- All of the Pegs (and I mean ALL of the Pegs) revisit Five Tribes. (Improvement, owing to Jeremy.)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- I Want More by The Hives

1:28:08- All of the Pegs debate the value of expansions.