Show Notes: Episode 153- The Artemis Project

Disclosure: Review copies of The Artemis Project, QE, Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit, Terror Below & Patient Zero were recieved from the relevant publishers free of charge .

:52- Renaissance Trivia [link];

8:00- #FeldMeld Winners;

12:19- Jeremy news;

16:07- PegHead Visits/Travel [Guild];

20:47- Summer Secret Santa;

24:37- Bargain Quest [BGG][publisher][to buy];

30:59- Medium [BGG][publisher][to buy];

39:39- Terror Below [BGG][publisher][to buy];

48:48- QE [BGG][publisher];

56:40- Res Arcana [BGG][publisher][to buy];

1:00:10- Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit [BGG][publisher][to buy];

1:07:30- Heist: OTOM [BGG][publisher][to buy];

1:12:47- Patient Zero [BGG][publisher][to back];

1:21:40- Century: A New World [BGG][publisher][to buy];

1:26:10- Aftermath [BGG][publisher];

1:32:28- Variable Player Power [link];

1:35:12- Fiasco Reprint [to back];

1:38:58- Half Truth [to back];

1:43:30- Hasbro & Plastic [link];

1:45:00- The Artemis Project: Rules [BGG][publisher][to buy];

1:47:50- The Artemis Project: Review;

2:27:58- Petrichor: Re-Roll [BGG][publisher][to buy]