Show Notes: Episode 152- Chronicles of Crime

1:00- Capra trivia [link];

5:00- Lanterns Dice winner [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

6:27- GenCon intro;

14:00- Strike tournament [link];

22:49- Queen demo;

24:56- #FeldMeld (CONTEST);

39:30- Hanging out;

48:01- GenCon food;

50:21- Dead Reckoning [BGG];

58:24- Ishtar [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:04:10- Arkham Horror: Final Hour [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:10:44- Isle of Cats [BGG] [link];

1:18:18- Reavers of Midgard [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:23:07- Copenhagen: Roll & Write [BGG] [to buy];

1:28:49- Pathfinder & Pure Steam [PF:link] [PS:link];

1:29:21- Game of Wolf [BGG] [publisher];

1:37:11- Chad Jensen GoFundMe [to help];

1:28:40- Patient Zero [to back];

1:42:22- Rune Stones KS [to back];

1:45:53- GenCon FFG [link];

1:46:46- Chronicles of Crime Rules [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:50:21- Chronicles of Crime Review;

2:34:24- Reroll Thunderstone Quest [BGG] [to buy] [publisher]