Show Notes: Episode 150- Pipline

Disclosure: Review copies of Pipeline, Mountains, Roll Player, Honga and Walking in Burano were obtained free of charge from the relevant publishers.

1:00- Mario trivia [link];

10:42- Origin’s sick;

14:50- Robb massage;

18:30- Walking in Burano [BGG][publisher][to buy];

23:00- 7 Souls [BGG][publisher];

29:35- Roll Player [BGG][publisher][to buy];

39:28- Mountains [BGG][publisher];

46:27- Honga [BGG][publisher][to buy];

50:50- Karuba: TCG [BGG][publisher][to buy];

53:22- Krass Kraiert [BGG][publisher][to buy];

58:35- Songbirds [BGG][to buy];

1:03:31- Arcane Bakery Clash [BGG][publisher];

1:10:48- Caverna: Forgotten Folk [BGG][publisher][to buy];

1:14:13- Fate of the Elder Gods: Beast from Beyond [BGG][publisher][to buy];

1:16:11- Ginkgopolis [BGG][publisher];

1:22:34- Tasty Humans [BGG][to back];

1:25:53- Starting Roll [link];

1:26:58- CharCon [link];

1:29:00- Raiders of the North Sea: RPG [link];

1:31:00- Ticket to Ride: The TV Show [link];

1:36:35- Pipeline Rules [BGG][publisher];

1:40:20- Pipeline Review;

2:27:11- Carthago Reroll [click here to see what the PegHeads thought]