Show Notes: Episode 147- Gentes

Disclosure: Review copies of Downfall, Futuropia, and Doppelt So Clever were obtained from the relevant publishers, free of charge.

1:00- Tribe Called Quest;

5:00- Mash Up, Meet Up,

8:47- BPPP Merch;

12:55- Portal Game’s contest winner;

18:08- Dom of Northstar Games and Jeremy’s Game Room; [NorthStar], [Game Room Chairs]

25:20- Pokemon;

31:11- Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal; [BGG], [publisher], [to buy]

37:20- Downfall; [BGG], [publisher], [to buy]

45:27- Twice as Clever; [BGG], [publisher], [to buy]

51:41- Futuropia; [BGG], [publisher], [to buy]

59:26- Tichu; [BGG], [publisher], [to buy]

1:05:41- Road to Enlightenment; [BGG], [to buy]

1:15:53- Glux; [BGG], [to buy]

1:24:10- Game Toppers Contest; [link]

1:27:25- Lanterns Dice; [BGG], [publisher], [to buy]

1:29:29- Space Explorers; [BGG], [publisher], [to buy]

1:32:20- The 100 Torii; [BGG], [to back]

1:34:51- Tariff Talk; [link]

1:43:17- Gentes Rules; [BGG], [publisher], [to buy]

1:46:40- Gentes Review;

2:29:32- Trajan Re-Roll