Show Notes: Episode 145- Tudor

Disclosure: Review Copies of Tudor, Embark, Guardian’s Call, and Ghosts of the Moor were all obtained from the relevant publishers, free of charge.

Peg Catch Up

:54- Earth Trivia [link] [link];


5:14- Pirate Talk [link];


10:00- Pints [link];

11:47- “The Peg Experience”;

15:00- Brawling Brothers [link];

16:22- Mash Up, Meet Up;

18:20- WashingCon [link];

19:55- Academy talk [link];

22:00- Paladins of the West Kingdom [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

30:58- Noctiluca [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

36:00- Embark [BGG] [to buy];

51:49- Guardian’s Call [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

59:35- Kami Sama [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:10:40- Donning the Purple [BGG];

1:16:30- Swordcrafters [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:24:16- Harper’s Bazaar;

Battle Sheep [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

Ghosts of the Moor [BGG] [to buy];

Dinos Not Assembled [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:38:45- Vampire Mascarade [to back];

1:42:00- Terraforming Mars: Turmoil [to back];

1:45:37- Mensa Select Games [link];

1:47:25- CharCon[link];

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

1:50:00- Tudor Rules [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:54:37- Tudor Review;

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

2:37:30- Re-Roll HoLAS