Show Notes: Episode 144- Treasure Island

Disclosure: Review Copies of Beta Colony, Smash City, Endangered, and Treasure Island were all obtained from the relevant publishers, free of charge.

:50- Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome [link];

Side note: problematic much?

4:00- Golden Geek [link] ;

7:30- Five Tribes thanks;

8:30- Notched Nerd [link] ;

14:10- Mash Up Meet Up 2019;

14:53- RobbCon 2019 ;

26:20- Oceans [BBG] [to back];

34:09- Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth [BBG] [to buy] [publisher];

38:10- Beta Colony [BBG] [to buy] [publisher];

45:30- Call to Adventure [BGG] [to buy];

54:03- Black Angel [BGG];

1:02:05- Potemkin Empire [BGG] [to buy];

1:10:52- Smash City [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:22:00- SpaceCorp… [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:31:35- Endangered [BGG] [to back];

1:36:53- Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down [BGG] [to back];

1:43:35- Blood on the Clocktower [BGG] [to back] ;

1:48:53- The Secret Cabal [to back] [link];

1:55:15- Treasure Island, Rules [BGG] [to buy] [publisher];

1:58:12- Review;

2:33:26- Dinosaur Island Re-Roll [BBG] [to buy] [publisher].