Show Notes: Episode 143- Forum Trajanum

Disclosure: Review copies of Raccoon Tycoon, Summit: Teams, Roland Wright, and Forum Trajanum were provided, free of charge.

:55- Na Na Kiss Him Goodbye Trivia

4:36- Golden Geeks

8:08- SaltCon [Salt Lake City cross walk flags]

23:16- Mash Up Meet Up, Thursday June 13

25:22- Peg Head Spotlight

29:26- Betrayal Legacy [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

39:34- Raccoon Tycoon [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

44:12- Blend Coffee Lab [publisher] [BGG]

50:55- Dragon Castle [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

56:42- Freedom: The Underground Railroad [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

65:45- Captains of Industry [to buy] [BGG]

1:13:32- Dice Throne: Season 2 [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:20:31- Majesty: For the Realm [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:25:50- River Dragons [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:31:22- Sleeping Gods [publisher] [BGG]

1:43:18- Summit: Teams [to back] [BGG]

1:46:58- The Sound of Sirens [to back] [BGG]

1:49:20- Copenhagen [to back] [BGG]

1:51:29- Roland Wright [to back] [BGG]

1:55:57- Overbattle [to back] [BGG]

2:01:15- Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norel Board Game [BGG]

2:03:00- Dune Re-Print [BGG]

2:05:48- Forum Trajanum Rules [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

2:10:17- Beat Boxing

2:13:43- Forum Trajanum Review

2:51:15- Rising Sun Re-Roll [fan made expansion, Raging Sun] [to read what the PegHeads thought of Rising Sun]