Show Notes: Episode 140- Party Game Suite with Bruce Voge

Disclosure: Review copies of Round House, Passing Through Petra, Forum Trajanum, and Just One were obtained, free of charge.

1:58- Haruo Nakajima Trivia [link]

8:53- Price is Right Story [link]

20:12- Science Museum Wedding [link]

22:13- Completely Legal Poker [link]

28:13- Oh, Yeah Jeremy and Christina

Credit Patrick Hillier

30:14- Christina is warm

32:09- Uno Revenge [link]

35:21- Round House [BGG] [to buy] [publisher]

40:27- Forum Tajanum [BGG] [to buy] [publisher]

46:08- Drop Mix [BGG] [to buy] [publisher]

52:09- Passing Through Petra [BGG] [to buy] [publisher]

57:36- Blue Lagoon [BGG] [to buy] [publisher]

1:03:47- Sumer [publisher]

1:08:40- Valor & Villainy [BGG] [to back]

1:14:02- Vindication [BGG] [to back]

1:16:09- Millennium Blades Collusion [link] [to back]

1:18:06- Dead Man’s Cabal [BGG] [to back]

1:23:07- Evolution: The Video Game [link]

1:25:58- Oceans [publisher]

1:27:42- Blockbuster: The Board Game

1:30:40- Just One [BGG] [to buy] [publisher]

1:50:05- Pantone [BGG] [to buy] [publisher]

2:08:09- But Wait…There’s More [BGG] [publisher]

2:23:30- Re-Roll Raiders of the North Sea [no change] [BGG] [to buy] [publisher] [click here to read what the PegHeads thought]