Show Notes: Episode 136- David Waybright & Pulsar 2849

Disclosure: Review copies of Kero, Impact, and Auztralia were obtained. Underwater Cities and Magnastorm were obtained at a reduced price.

Peg Catch Up

1:26- Trivia [link]

8:16- David Waybright [link]

26:20- Steven Sites & Champions of Midgard [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

22:10- Google Hangout, December 10, 2018 at 8:00 pm EST

29:02- BGG Con [link]

38:29- Todd Kauk & Gabriel Edge

42:00- Auztralia [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

51:30- Impact: Battle of the Elements [publisher] [BGG]

59:43- Underwater Cities [publisher] [BGG]

1:06:52- Ganz Schon Clever [to buy] [publisher] [BGG] [ioS] [to play]

1:12:02- The Estates [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:19:50- Magnastorm [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:32:00- Islebound [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:40:35- Journal 29 [to buy

1:45:30- Kero [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:55:40- Bill Maher can eat it [link]

2:03:23- Party at Tiffany Burrell’s House [link]

2:08:07- Scrabble news 

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Reviews

2:11:24- Pulsar 2849 Rules [to buy] [publisher] [BGG]

2:16:24- Pulsar 2849 Review 

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

2:58:28- Whistle Stop Re-Roll