Show Notes: Episode 131- Detective

Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Clack!, Paper Tales, Fist of Dragonstones, and Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.

Peg Catch Up

1:00- Robb sets us up with some Lizard King trivia. [link]
4:26- We say goodbye to licensed bumpers. [click here for a Spotify playlist of many of our bumpers]
7:59- We talk about PiranhaPig Con 2018. [click here to register, live on 9/28]
12:00- We talk a bit about WashingCon 2018, along with a visit by Harper and details about Christina’s panel participation. [click here to listen to the Inclusivity in Gaming Panel]

22:41- Robb talks Essen excitement.
24:40- The Pegs review their Man vs. Meeple appearance.
26:50- Robb talks King of Ding. [link]
30:06- Patrick talks about Paper Tales. [publisher] [to buy] [BGG]
36:49- The Rouses talks about playing Reef. [publisher] [to buy] [BGG]
41:00- During Harper’s Bazaar we review Clack!, [publisher] [BGG]
Dragonwood [publisher] [to buy] [BGG] &
Marble Matrix [publisher] [BGG].
51:00- Robb talks about Minecraft: Card Game? [publisher] [to buy] [BGG]
56:17- Patrick talks about a failed and then a successful series of plays of Fist of Dragonstones. [publisher] [to buy] [BGG]
1:04:16- Patrick bemoans the fading of a great epic title, RuneWars. [publisher] [BGG]
1:08:50- Robb and Christina preview Evolution: Oceans. [BGG]
1:15:30- All of the Pegs talk about the upcoming Dragon Boats of the Four Seas. [publisher] [BGG]
1:21:00- Robb talks about the upcoming Dominion: Renaissance. [BGG]
dom ren
1:22:00- Patrick provides an Essen Preview of Tudor. [BGG]
1:27:14- Patrick provides an Essen Preview of Feld’s latest, Carpe Diem. [BGG]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Catch-Up

1:33:05- Detective Rules [publisher] [to buy] [BGG]
1:37:12- Detective Review

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Look Back

2:09:51- Early Game Look-Back