Show Notes: Episode 130- Root

Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Root, Lucky’s Misadventure, Railroad Rivals, Rise of Tribes, and Artemis Project.

Peg Catch Up

:51- Rob hits us with a little book and reading trivia.

5:00- The team talks about being a trio.

8:01- Christina breaks down her Canadian adventure.

22:50- We discuss our plans to get a new name for Christina’s new segment.

26:16- Patrick previews a few job postings for work within the industry. [Stronghold Games] [Leder Games]

27:00- Patrick discussed the deck builder Lucky’s Misadventures. [buy] [publisher] [BGG]


33:10- Patrick and Robb talk about Greedy Kingdoms. [buy] [publisher] [BGG]


39:30- Patrick and Robb briefly re-visit War Chest. [publisher] [to buy] [BGG]

41:00- Christina talks about a roll and write that doesn’t use dice, Welcome To… [buy] [publisher] [BGG]


47:00- Patrick discusses a heavy tile laying game, Railroad Rivals. [buy] [publisher] [BGG]

55:00- Robb discusses the mini game SPY.  [publisher] [BGG]

1:00:35- Patrick and Robb discuss the action selection game, Rise of Tribes. [buy] [publisher] [BGG]


1:07:00- Robb talks about a game that he has been trying to talk about for months, Wurfel Bohnanza. [buy] [BGG]


1:13:55- Christina previews Artemis Project. [back] [publisher] [BGG]


1:20:45- Patrick talks about a promising Essen release, Magnastorm. [BGG]


1:29:20- Robb embraces legacy as he discusses Vampire: The Masquerade. [BGG]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

1:36:05- Patrick breaks down the rule to Root. [buy] [publisher] [BGG]

1:40:50- All of the Pegs review Root.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

2:20:26- The Pegs look back at the first 11 games they reviewed. [click here to read what the PegHeads thought]