Show Notes: Episode 125- Origins 2018 & Two Player Games, Second Edition

Disclosure: A review copy was obtained of Crystal Clans.

Peg Catch Up

1:00- Robb shares some Tommy Boy Trivia with us and talks about our most recent winners. [Ebert review]

4:00- Patrick’s explains why he wasn’t able to participate in the Tough Mudder and make it to Origins 2018.

10:40- The Pegs discuss the Tough Mudder 2018, Blue Peg, Pink Peg Get’s Muddy.


15:50- The Pegs discuss Origins 2018 generally.

COriginsPics (2)

20:45- The Pegs discuss hanging out with friends on the first night of Origins.

23:10- Robb and Christina talk about finally playing Feast for Odin. [to buy] [publisher]


25:30- The Pegs drink bourbon. (As it relates to Christina, let’s say “Bourbon”.)

29:20- The Pegs discuss their Stronghold demo. [publisher]

COriginsPics (1)

31:50- It’s time to talk about the Mash Up Meet Up.


40:00- The Pegs talk about the always incredible Secret Cabal Meet Up. [link]

44:50- The Pegs discuss playing Exit: The Polar Station, with good friend and PegHead Joanna. [to buy] [publisher]


52:30- The Pegs talk about young children and Pokemon Cards.

54:40- Christina discussed the upcoming title, Treasure Island. [BGG] [publisher]

COriginsPics (5)

1:02:11- Robb talks about playing Vital Lacerda’s upcoming title, Escape Plan. [BGG] [publisher]


1:10:10- Christina dives into the lovely dice drafting game, Coimbra. [to buy] [publisher]

1:16:50- Robb and Christina rave about the innovative City of Gears. [BGG] [publisher]


1:23:14- Christina talks about one of the hidden gems she found, Visitor in Blackwood Grove. [BGG] [publisher]


1:28:11- Robb previews the dice drafting game, Dice Settlers. [BGG] [publisher]

1:32:29- Robb and Christina discuss the surprising family weight game, Luxor. [BGG] [publisher]

COriginsPics (6)

1:38:55- Robb talks about playing the Gloomhaven Expansion and the upcoming  Playmats for the game. [publisher]


1:40:36- Robb and Christina talks about the experience of playing, The Mind. [pre-order] [publisher]


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Reviews

Bumper Music- Two Weeks by fka Twigs.

1:46:19- Patrick provides the rules breakdown for Crystal Clans. [to buy] [publisher]

1:49:32- All of the Pegs review Crystal Clans.

Bumper Music- Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear.

2:08:08- Patrick provides the rules breakdown for The Fox in the Forest. [to buy] [publisher]

2:10:20- All of the Pegs review The Fox in the Forest.

Bumper Music- Song 2 by Blur.

2:20:38- Patrick provides the rules breakdown Santorini. [to buy] [publisher]

2:33:13- All of the Pegs review Santorini.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

2:38:24- All of the Pegs re-visit, Wasteland Express Delivery Service. [slight dip] [to buy]