Show Notes: Episode 124- Argent: The Consortium

Disclosure: Review copies were received of Nations: The Dice Game, Fae, Memoarrr!, Cahoots and Gorus Maximus.

Peg Catch Up

1:10- Robb tells us a bit about Lycanthropy.

3:59- We announce the humming trivia winner.

5:10- We tempt the fates and talk a bit about our Tough Mudder plans.

8:17- (Non North America listeners can skip ahead to the 23 minute mark.) We discuss Origins generally.

12:07-We talk about our annual Stronghold Demo.

13:34- One last time, with feeling: Mashup Meetup! [click here to RSVP]


23:20- We announce our Slay the Spire winners.

25:15- Patrick and Josh discuss Blood Raging Sun.


29:58- PegHead Spotlight: Tim Virnig

33:10- Christian gets forgetful and play Memoarrr! [to buy] [publisher]


38:32- Patrick gathers the forces of nature as he reviews Fae. [to buy] [publisher]


44:12- All the Pegs discuss trick taking Cahoots. [to buy] [BGG]

For the record, not a great hand. Somehow, I made it work and won. -P

49:00- Josh and Patrick discuss a Martin Wallace route builder, Via Nebula. [to buy] [publisher]


52:40- Patrick discusses a family weight “civ builder” Nations: The Dice Game. [to buy] [publisher]


57:59- Christina and Robb (mostly Robb) finally discover Red7. [to buy] [publisher]


1:01:44- And now more trick taking, with Gorus Maximus. [to back, active June 11]

1:10:31- Patrick previews Sailing Toward Osiris. [BGG]


1:15:12- Josh talks about a title we are interested in in spite of ourselves, Archmage. [BGG]


1:19:20- Robb talks about Poetry Slams and Poetry Slam. [BGG]


1:24:50- Christina previews ANOTHER TRICK TAKING GAME, Pikoko. [BGG]


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Push It by Salt and Pepa

1:29:40- Patrick breaks down the rules for the worker placement game Argent: The Consortium. [to buy] [publisher]

Bumper Music- Hedwig’s Theme by John Williams

1:33:18- All the Pegs review Argent: The Consortium.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Reroll

Bumper Music- The End by The Doors

2:08:25- All of the Pegs revisit Aeon’s End. (no change) (To read what the PegHead’s thought, or to sound off yourself, click here.)