Show Notes: Episode 123- Trajan


Disclosure: Review copies were received of Remnants, Sprawlopolis, Darwin’s Choice, and Court of the Dead: Mourner’s Call.

Peg Catch Up

:55- Robb tells us a bit about hummingbirds. (other matters are also discussed). [link]

Not Robb’s Birth Photo (allegedly)

5:44- We talk a bit about shower beers. [link] [link] [link]
Artboard 1
Robb enjoying a Shower Beer

11:00- We talk about Origins 2018 including our Stronghold Demo and contest and the Mash-Up Meetup.
14:00- Josh talks about being out in nature and how it gets in the way of his gaming.
16:00- We talk about our upcoming (or passed) Pre-Origins Google Hangout. [link]
18:00- Christina talks about world’s colliding.
20:00- Robb talks about the on-line game Slay the Spire and we give you a chance to win a a code for a free download of Slay the Spire. [click here to learn about Slay the Spire] [click here to be entered to win a code to Slay the Spire]
26:44- Patrick reviews Empires of the Void II. [to buy] [publisher]

32:40- Josh provides an early review of Remnants. [to buy] [publisher]
35:00- Christina discusses Court of the Dead: Mourner’s Call. [to late pledge] [BGG] [publisher]
42:00- Robb provides a review of Darwin’s Choice. [to back]
47:50- Patrick discusses another Carl Chudyk game that you may not be able to get, Impulse. [BGG]
54:00- Christina talks about Indian Summer by His Grand High Exalted Holiness of the Gaming Goodness, Uwe Rosenberg. [to buy] [publisher]
58:70- Josh adds yet another theme to our gaming potpourri as he reviews Clockwork Wars. [to buy] [publisher]
1:02:25- Robbs reviews the party game, Monikers. [to buy] [publisher]
1:07:00- Christina reviews a great micro-game, Sprawlopolis. [to back]
1:16:04- We discuss our early plays of One Week Ultimate Werewolf. (Christina is the werewolf). [to back]
1:23:40- Josh discusses backing Thunderstone Quest. [prior kickstarter] [thread on upcoming campaign]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Beer in the Shower by Ra88.
1:27:40- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Trajan.
Bumper Music- The Modern Leper by Frightened Rabbit.
1:30:50- All of the Pegs review Trajan.


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Yokohama Nights by Kruse & Nuerenberg (featuring Brolin)
1:59:50- All of the Pegs revisit Yokohama. (steady) [click here to read what the PegHeads thought of Yokohama]
Yokohama (6)