Show Notes: Episode 118- Clans of Caledonia

Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Draconis: Invasion, Space Freaks, and Sorcerer City.

Peg Catch Up

00:59- Robb tells us a little Trivia about Shawshank Redemption.
4:45- We announce the correct answer to last week’s trivia. Congrats Eric.
6:55- Jeremy is back.
7:33- Jeremy talks about his life and design plans.
14:58- We discuss a game day and an uninvited guest.
18:16- We discuss RobbCon and some great beer we plan to enjoy.
22:44- Jeremy talks about London: Second Edition. [buy] [publisher]

28:54- Josh tells us about Space Freaks. [buy] [publisher]
32:39- Robb discussed the deck builder Path of Light and Shadow. [buy] [expired kickstarter]
42:00- Patrick discusses the new’ish deck builder, Draconis: Invasion. [buy] [publisher]
51:33- Jeremy discusses Madame Ching. [BGG] [publisher]
59:56- The team talk about playing Immortals. [buy] [publisher]
1:11:50- We discuss the Unrivaled tournament series.
1:16:20- We ask, “What is the deal with Zombicide?”
1:22:50- We preview Sorcerer City. [BGG] [kickstarter]
Pictured: Not A Good Score (Not Final Components)

1:33:10- Jeremy gets his Martin on discussing AuZtralia. [BGG] [kickstarter]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Nothing Ever Happens by Del Amitri.
1:38:00- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the resource management game, Clans of Caledonia. [buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music- Caledonia by Dougie McLearen.
1:42:00- All of the Pegs review Clans of Caledonia.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Fake Empire by The National.
2:19:20- The Pegs re-visit Manhattan Project: Energy Empire.