Show Notes: Episode 116- Raiders of the North Sea & Expansions


Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Raiders of the North Sea expansions, Manhattan, Muse, and Explorers of the North Sea.

Peg Catch Up

1:00- Robb tells us about the Ice Lolly. [to learn more]
4:30- Patrick discusses a recent Patreon contest.
As noted on the show, this contest is complete. It was a Patreon Exclusive opportunity to win a copy of the game. However, if you want to give it a try, just for fun, here it is. Click here to access the .pdf.  I will post the answers (in a link) later in the week.
5:40- The Pegs talk about work/life/board game balance.
9:40- Robb and Christina talk about their recent Vegas adventure.
13:40- Robb and Christina discuss Escapeology. [link]
15:30- More about Robb’s butt bone.
16:20- Josh talks about sleeving.
18:20- Josh and Patrick talk about an epic Star Wars: Rebellion game play. [buy]
22:00- Robb talks about appearing on The Geek All Stars. [link]
23:49- Patrick talks about playing Manhattan with his daughter. [BGG] [to buy]

30:07- Josh and Patrick get into some Rising Sun talk. [publisher] [BGG]
Rising Sun Play
35:20- Patrick discusses the family/party game Muse. [buy] [publisher]
41:20- Robb and Christina discuss their game plays of thematically rich New York Slice. [buy] [publisher]
46:59- Josh talks about one of his gaming staples, Eclipse. [buy] [BGG]
50:10- Patrick talks about playing Explorers of the North Sea with his boy during a sick day. [buy] [publisher]

55:10- Robb gives us more details about the upcoming The Rise of Queensdale. [BGG]
58:13- Robb tells us a bit about CO2, Second Chance. [kickstarter]
59:40- We get a final report on HATE. [kickstarter]
1:00:20- Robb introduces us to a much loved kickstarter project that didn’t do it for most of us, Nemesis. [kickstarter]
1:02:58- Christina tells us a bit about the upcoming Sorcerer City. [BGG]
1:08:20- We talk Piranha Pig Con and spreadsheets.
1:10:21- Robb introduces us to a new D&D player class, The GentleMan/Woman. [class sheet]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Paradise City by Guns and Roses (not Aerosmith)
1:13:00- Patrick provides a brief rules breakdown for Raiders of the North Sea. [publisher] [RotNS: buy] [FoF: buy] [HoH: buy]
Bumper Music- Plundered My Soul by the Rolling Stones.
1:18:07- All of the Pegs review Raiders of the North Sea.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Wild Wild West by Will Smith.
1:49:24- All of the Pegs revisit Great Western Trail (slight uptick) (Josh’s Rating = 2). (click here to read the PegHead’s thoughts on Great Western Trail).