Show Notes: Episode 115- Rajas of the Ganges

Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Dokmus and The Bottle Imp.

Peg Catch-Up

1:00- Robb tells us about Samuel Morse, and “what God hath wrought.” [click here to learn more and Morse]
3:51- We introduce you to our new Fourth Chair, Josh.
19:00- Robb and Christina tells us about playing Stuffed Fables with their 7 year old. [to buy] [publisher]
22:00- Patrick introduces you to The Gamer Curator. [you tube]
25:00- Robb talks about recording his BG Stats. [website]
29:10- Patrick and Josh talk about playing Champions of Midgard, along with the expansions Valhalla and The Dark Mountains. [Valhalla: to buy] [The Dark Mountains: to buy]
33:48- Josh talks about the expansion to Star Wars: Rebellion, Rise of the Empire. [to buy] [publisher]
36:00- Robb and Patrick discuss playing Peak Oil. [to buy] [publisher]
42:03- Christina and Robb sacrifice some settlers to the Gods in Dokmus. [to buy] [publisher]
47:00- Patrick talks about the re-print of a classic trick taker, The Bottle Imp. [to buy] [publisher]
52:00- Christina and Robb get into Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. [to buy] [publisher]
56:00- Josh hits us with some HATE. [to back] [publisher] [to listen to a brilliant Patchwork trailer in the HATE style, NSFW] [to check out the redditt thread referenced in the episode, NSFW] [to check out the redditt thread on game tips, click here]
1:10:00- Christina previews the kickstarter for a second edition of Endeavor: Age of Sail. [to back] [publisher]
1:12:00- Patrick discusses poloygon’s entry into the play through video format with Overboard.
1:17:00- Robb talks about some recent Wizards of the Coast news regarding background checks. [to read the WotC press release]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Won’t Get Fooled by The Who.
1:23:35- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Rajas of the Ganges. [to buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music- Ganga by Ricky Kej featuring Shankar Mahadevan
1:26:45- All of the Pegs review the action selection race game, Raja of the Ganges. [click here to learn more about the Ganges river]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Here I Go Again by Rhianna
1:54:48- All of the Pegs re-visit Tikal. [steady] [click here to learn what the PegHeads thought of Tikal] [to buy]