Show Notes: Episode 114- Lisboa & 2018 Board Gaming Predictions/Resolutions

Disclosure: Review copies were obtained of Topiary, The Ruhr: The Story of Coal Trading & Finished.

Peg Catch Up

1:00- Drop Bears [click here for and article on that golf course]
4:53- We announce our most recent correct trivia connection and the controversy surrounding the same.
7:00- We thank our guest and preview our upcoming announcement of our 4th Chair.
9:56- Robb discusses participating the Brawling Brothers Secret Santa.
13:31- Patrick talks about some of his holiday family plays, including plays with his incredible Nangie.
18:40- Robb and Christina (mostly Robb) hold their mountain house above all of us, like they are better than us, or something like that.
21:00- Robb talks about Mad Max sledding.
28:00- They played Bonk! [to buy]
29:00- Robb and Christina talk about visiting the great hosts of Heavy Cardboard. [click here to check them out]
31:00- We thank our many Patreon backers. [click here to back us]
35:25- We tell a funny FLGS tale from our first PegHead spotlight of the year, Gregory Burbidge.
42:00- All the Pegs talk about the light family strategy game, Topiary. [to buy] [publisher]
48:00- Robb and Christina talk about tearing through Charterstone. [to buy] [to find an FLGS with Charterstone] [publisher]
53:00- Patrick talks about the deceptively complex The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade. [to buy] [publisher]
1:02:00- Robb and Christina talk about their first play of a game within the Unlock! game line. [to buy] [publisher]
1:06:31- Robb talks about playing the solitaire card game, Finished. [to buy] [publisher]
1:12:20- The Pegs talk about the kickstarter campaign for Western Legends. [to back]
1:16:23- Patrick talks about his recent appearance on This Game is Broken. [to listen]
1:20:00- We encourage our listeners to consider supporting The Dice Tower. [to back]
1:20:50- Its all Issac, all the time.
1:25:10- Robb gets legacy again, this time with dice management, The Rise of Queensdale. [BGG]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music: Down Under by Men at Work
1:29:00- Patrick provides a basic rules breakdown for Lisboa. [to buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music: Lisboa by Melody Gardot
1:35:44- All of the Pegs review Lisboa.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Reroll

Bumper Music: Never Forget You by Zara Larson, featuring MNEK
2:07:49- All of the Pegs revisit Haspelknecht. downgrade [Click here to see what the PegHeads had to say.] [to buy] [publisher]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Topic

Bumper Music: The Year 2000 from The Conan O’Brien Show
2:15:07- All of the Pegs provide their 2018 Resolutions and Predictions.