Show Notes: Episode 111- Valletta with Stephanie Straw

Peg Catch Up

1:03- Christina tells us a bit about The Catherine Wheel.

2:28- We introduce the dynamic and incredible, Stephanie Straw.

3:00- We give a shout out to our most recent trivia winner.

5:29- Stephanie tells us a bit about her recent trip to Seattle, Washington. (“sponsored” by America Airlines, #sellout, #notreally) Including discussions of the MoPop museum. [click here to learn about MoPop]

Not Cute -P

11:44- Stephanie tells us about a couple of Seattle based board game cafes, Around the Table and Mox f/k/a Card Kingdom. [click here to learn more about Around the Table] [click here to learn more about Mox Boarding House]

17:48- We dig into Stephanie’s impressive CV.

21:44- Stephanie talks a bit about some of her recent design consulting gigs. (Mad love to Renegade Games.)

30:00- It’s time for cats.

31:11- We talk about some of Stephanie’s future plans, including a YouTube Channel. We also discuss ASMR, because that, our dear PegHeads, is how me roll. [click here to learn a bit more about ASMR]

39:10- Stephanie talks about her recent Extra Life game plays and fund raising. [click here to contribute to Stephanie’s Extra Life team]

46:59- Stephanie talks about her ioS play on twitch.

50:00- We announce our latest contest. Post your board gaming “family photo” to our facebook page for a chance to win a family game pack from our friends at Mayday Games. [click here to enter] [click here to check out Mayday Games]


53:19- Robb and Christina talk about falling in love with Bunny Kingdom. [buy] [publisher]


1:00:00- Christina and Robb talk about the take that Euro, Pixie Queen. [BGG] [publisher] [to reserve for purchase]


1:06:50- Stephanie tells us about the incredible Forrest-Pruzan Creative, designers of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Bob Ross: The Art of Chill, and more. [click here to learn more about FPC] [click here to buy Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle] [click here to buy Bob Ross: Art of Chill]

1:13:00- Stephanie review Banned Words. [buy] [BGG]


1:16:20- Stephanie talks about Really Bad Art. [buy] [publisher]


1:17:03- Stephanie and Patrick discuss the adorable family game, Wonky. [buy Wonky]  [buy Wony: The Unstable Adult Party Game] [publisher]


1:18:14- Things get dark as Stephanie tells us about the social deduction game, Donner Dinner Party. [to buy] [BGG]


1:19:00- Christina faces her demons as Stephanie introduces us to, The Wizard Always Wins. [buy] [publisher]


1:22:50- The Pegs rave about Calimala. [BGG] [publisher] [to buy]


1:28:42- Christina lets is be known that there is one more spot open for Piranha Pig Con. [click here if you are interested]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper- A clip from an ASMR YouTube video by GentleWhispering. [click her to check her out]

1:31:20- Patrick provides a rules breakdown fro Valletta.

Bumper Music- Let Us Build A City by The Chemical Brothers.

1:33:34- All of the Pegs, and our guest host, review Valletta.



Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac.

2:13:10- All of the Pegs revisit Salem (downtick) and The Others (no change). [Click here to see what the PegHeads thought of these games.]