Show Notes: Episode 108- Fate of the Elder Gods

Peg Catch Up

1:00- Robb tells us a bit about COWBELL! [click here to watch the video]
3:51- Robb discusses his time away from the team and his visit to The Board & Brew. [link]

7:51- Robb discusses being frustrated in his initial play of Dragonfire. [buy] [publisher]
9:20- We announce the winner of our #carrioncosplay contest.
10:20- Jeremy discusses harassing an old man in his plays of Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time. [buy] [publisher]
17:27- Patrick talks about his son’s mad skills at Macroscope. [buy] [publisher]
23:04- Robb talks about his inability to get a sleepy Christina to play Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. [BGG] [publisher]
27:27- Robb talks about playing the microgame, Circle the Wagons. [BGG] [publisher]
30:48- Christina gets some of her kickstarter games to the table as she and Robb play Delve. [buy] delve
37:52- Jeremy goes gumshoe and previews his plays of the upcoming kickstarter title, Detective: City of Angels. [BGG] [kickstarter active October 10]
City of Angels
48:30- Patrick reviews the party game, Pit Crew. [buy] [publisher]
54:14- Robb talks about his cagey little one as he teaches her to play Survive: Escape from Atlantis. [buy] [publisher]

1:00:00- Robb and Christina review Unearth. [buy] [publisher]
1:06:15- Patrick talks about the quirky action selection game, The Dilluvia Project. [buy] [publisher]
1:12:11- It’s time for a digression, Boo Berry!
1:13:45- Robb, Christina, and Patrick discuss the latest expansion to Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium. [buy] [publisher]
1:17:44- Jeremy returns to his book reviews as he discusses Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road. We also mention BGG’s poster series. [to view the posters click here]
1:22:08- Patrick provides a preview to another Essen title, Rajas of the Ganges. [BGG] [designer page]
1:29:16- Christina talks about the glory that is Piranha Pig Con. [to learn more]

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- All by Myself by Eric Carmen.
1:32:00- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Fate of the Elder Gods. [buy] [publisher]
Bumper Music- Fodder for the Elder Gods by Creature Feature.
1:36:13- All of the Pegs review Fate of the Elder Gods.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- One More Time by Daft Punk
2:08:12- All of the Pegs re-visit Cry Havoc. no change [click here to read what the PegHeads had to say] [buy] [pre-order expansion]