Show Notes: Episode 105- GenCon 2017

1:06- Robb tells us a bit about SNL alum, Molly Shannon.

5:00- We roll out our most recent contest, where you can get a chance to win a copy of the latest expansion to Splendor, Cities of Splendor. [click here to enter]

8:01- The Pegs about an upcoming Bonus Episode, where we will be playing through a playset of Fiasco, as selected by the PegHeads.

9:30- Robb recount his magic in resolving our GenCon bedding situation.

11:50- The Pegs announce their plans to participate in a Tough Mudder, June 9, 2018 in Doswell, Virginia. [click here if you want to  join us]

15:40- The Pegs discuss their travel lip synch battle.

17:30- The Pegs talk about the hours spent coming up with intros for the Summit Charity event.


20:40- The Pegs discuss their first visit to the Convention center.

24:00- The Pegs discuss their first meal of GenCon 2017.

25:00- The Pegs discuss hotel bathroom fans.

28:40- The Pegs discuss their final visit to Scotty’s.

32:00- And finally, we get to games with one of our first con game experiences, Joraku.


33:30- Robb loves it, Patrick and Christina, not so much, Potato Man.


34:30- The Pegs talk about playing Secret Hitler with the full allotment of 10 players (now featuring Isaac’s witch finger).


40:00- The Pegs talk about the slow wake up on day one of the Con.

44:50- It’s time for Meat Sweats.

46:52- Jeremy discusses a Con pleasant surprise, the board game version of Terminator 2.

50:00- Patrick talks about an upcoming PvP game, Radiant.


53:51- Robb discusses his enjoyment of Dragonfire.


56:28- Christina gets a play in of the newest Restoration Game’s title, Stop Thief.


1:00:01- Robb and Christina discuss their plays of The Chameleon.


1:02:48- Patrick talks about playing the two player trick taking game, The Fox in the Forest.


1:06:45- Robb and Christina discuss playing the tile laying game, Nmbr 9.


1:09:35- All of the Pegs discuss playing the upcoming 3 minute social deduction game, Crossfire.


1:14:09- Jeremy talks about the upcoming family title, When I Dream.


1:19:43- Patrick stays up late with Isaac to play The Quest for Eldorado.


Bumper Music- What Does the Fox Say by Ylvis.

1:34:20- Robb and Christina talk about the joy of playing Voluspa with it’s designer Scott Caputo and preview an upcoming title by him.

1:43:16- The Pegs recount the joy of demoing and giving out games at the Stronghold booth.

1:46:19- Robb discuss a demo of the highly buzzed about title, Fallout.


1:50:28- Patrick talks about playing a variation on one of his favorite games of all time, Shogun as we played Immortals.


1:53:40- Patrick recounts being delighted by his demo of Agra.


1:55:54- Jeremy discusses playing a game that slipped under the radar last year, Eric Lang’s Arcane Academy.


1:58:00- Jeremy discusses an online implementation of the Legendary gaming system.

2:01:41- Christina plays through a very satisfying play of Ex Libris.


2:04:58- Jeremy discusses one of the Mythos games he saw, Mountains of Madness.


2:07:18- Patrick and Jeremy discussed Patrick massive fail at That’s A Question.


2:11:23- The Pegs talk about throwing dice at the Rolling Dice and Taking Names Stike tournament.

2:14:14- In yet another Isaac trouncing Robb and Patrick discuss Terra Mystica.

2:16:20- Robb and Christina get inside the human brain as they played Cerebria.


2:20:55- Robb and Christina rave about their plays on the upcoming title, Legends of Sleepy Hollow.


2:25:27- Patrick talks about a number of Z-Man titles including the upcoming Majesty: For the Realm.


2:27:30- All of the Pegs discuss being highly impressed with Richard Garfield’s latest title, Bunny Kingdom.


2:30:55- Patrick and Jeremy get their monster bashing on as they played Kaiju Crush, demoed by BJ of Board Game Gumbo.


2:31:48- Jeremy discusses his preview of Stuffed Fables.


3:35:10- The Pegs discuss the chaos and fun that was the Secret Cabal Meet Up.

2:41:27- The Pegs rave about Game Toppers, which were present through the vendor hall.

2:42:31- The Pegs discuss the cramped and tired return to Roanoke, Virginia.