Episode 10: Cosmic Encounter/Why We Game

Blue Peg Catch-up

2:06- Patrick discusses his failed Here I Stand strategy

photo (1)

3:24- Robb crows about his incredible dominance at The Resistance


3:40- Patrick talks about a recently acquired secret team game, Blood Bound


4:50- Robb talks about his recent acquisition of the game Terra Mystica


5:31- Patrick recounts his thoughts on the classic board game, Primordial Soup


6:38- Robb reviews Victory Point Games’ Trieste and the discuss announce their first contest where Peg Heads can win a copy of Trieste


9:26- Patrick reviews the classic chaos management game Robo Rally


10:15- Patrick commends the organizers of Gamers for Cures


11:07- Surprise! Robb talks about the upcoming expansion for the tile laying game Voluspa


11:53- The guys discuss the recently released preview video for the ioS version of Lords of Waterdeep

12:25- Robb expresses interest in the upcoming dice drafting game, Rattlebones


13:30- Patrick talks about his most recent obscurely themed game find, Dreaming Spires


14:46- Robb laments the guys failure to get Descent to the table more and discusses the newest Descent expansion, Shadow of Nerekhall


15:15- Robb announces the kickstarter campaign for an expansion to one of our favorite new games, Keyflower


16:16- Patrick lauds Plaid Hat Games for their recent gaming innovation as personified by their recently announced game Dead of Winter


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Reviews

18:50- Patrick provides a walk through of the game play of Fantasy Flight Games, Cosmic Encounter


27:10- All of the Pegs review Cosmic Encounter



BluePeg, Pink Peg Discussion

46:50- The Pegs discuss why they love board gaming


2 thoughts on “Episode 10: Cosmic Encounter/Why We Game

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