Episode 8: Divinare/Escape: The Curse of the Temple/Board Game Themes

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:21- Robb gives Patrick dub our listeners Peg Heads (credit to Rob Plantikow)

2:17- Robb complains about his plays of Spyrium on Board Game Arena


3:40- Patrick gives his thoughts on Ghost Stories: White Moon


5:50- Robb discusses recent plays of the tile laying game Voluspa (yet again)


7:00- Robb and Patrick talk about playing Nothing Personal with a non-gamer


7:50- Patrick reviews one of his favorite new games, Keyflower


10:40- Robb discuss the challenges he has faced in getting Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game to table as well as the difficulty he has experienced in learning the rules to this game


13:18- Robb talks about the approach of Arkham Day


14:04- Robb discloses that he will participating in Board Game Geeks Secret Santa program

14:58- Patrick discuss the impending beginning of Internationale Spieltage 2013

essen logo

16:30- Patrick previews the upcoming game Prosperity


18:14- Robb shares the existence of a Board Game Geek game to receive a free copy of Tash-Kalor: Arena of Legends


18:50- Patrick previews the whimsical family game Steam Park


20:50- The guys discuss their plans to play and review Lost Legends


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Reviews


20:51- Walk Through of Divinare

26:12- All of the Pegs review Divinare


39:00- Walk through of Escape: The Curse of The Temple

45:12- All of the Pegs review Escape: The Curse of The Temple

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

58:55- Discussion of Board Game Themes


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