Episode 47 Show Notes: Pathfinder ACG and Descent Second Edition

(you can learn more about the topics and games we discuss, including links to where you can buy the games, by clicking on the relevant text below)

Peg Catch Up

1:22- Robb tells us about The 47 Society.


3:15- Christina tells us about the roller derby injuries she suffered during her absence.

7:58- Christian provides us with a summary of her ladies’ game night, including her thoughts on The Sheriff of Nottingham by Arcane Wonders and Z-Man Game’s Pandemic.


10:58- All of the Pegs announce their first board gaming event, The Board Game Sample Night, April 30, 2015.

sample night

12:12- Jeremy discusses his recent play of Patchistory.

14:54- Jeremy recounts with great pleasure his ongoing Shadows of Brimstone campaign.

19:01- Robb and Christina discuss Christina’s first time teaching the rules to the two-player abstract strategy game by Mayfair Games, Patchwork.


23:58- Patrick talks of his recent game plays with his kids and parents including his response to the first expansion to IDW Game’s Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion.


30:50- Patrick describes his International Table Top Day tournament experience (which his team won) where he spent all day playing Chaos in the Old World, Alien Frontiers, Power Grid and Alhambra.


32:13- Robb anticipates his plays of Forge Wars by friend of the show, Issac Childress.

33:26- Jeremy discusses the upcoming Friedman Friese title 504.


37:30- Robb teases Christina with news of the upcoming Galaxy Trucker expansion.

38:33- Robb expresses some concerns over the formatting of the kickstarter campaign for Apocrypha.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Learning Something New by Bai Kamara, Jr.

47:46- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Paizo’s Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game.

Bumper Music- Rock Me Amadeus by Falco.

54:59- All of the Pegs review Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game.
_DSC0005 _DSC0007 _DSC0009 _DSC0011 _DSC0013 _DSC0015 _DSC0018 _DSC0019 _DSC0021 _DSC0023 _DSC0024 _DSC0026 _DSC0028

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-roll

Bumper Music- Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

1:30:28- All of the Pegs give their thoughts on Rise of Augustus, one year later.

 Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Let’s Play by Christina Maria

1:33:38- Patrick provide a rules breakdown for Fantasy Flight Game’s one against many dungeon crawler, Descent: Second Edition.

Bumper Music- Follow You Down by The Gin Blossoms

1:38:59- All of the Pegs review Descent: Second Edition.

IMG_1464 IMG_1463 IMG_1461 IMG_1460 IMG_1459 (1) IMG_1456 IMG_1454 IMG_1452 IMG_1451 IMG_1448 IMG_1447 IMG_1446 IMG_1445 IMG_1444


5 thoughts on “Episode 47 Show Notes: Pathfinder ACG and Descent Second Edition

  1. Another great episode, thank you! I’m with Robb, yet again, with the subject of Pathfinder ACG. I really enjoy it, though I can see clearly what it is. Haven’t played Descent but I think I would enjoy that one as I like fantasy and dungeon crawls in general. Also, Patchwork sounded interesting too.

  2. I am pretty disappointed about that tourettes home you made Patrick. Didn’t you use to work in the mental health field? A really close friend of mine was diagnosed with tourettes on high-school and it was life changing for the worst for him making it very difficult to do the things he used to. I know you didn’t mean anything by it, but please be more aware in the future. Mental illness really isn’t very comical for those affected by it.

    Otherwise great show. I do feel that the game reviews can be strange sometimes. It seems like sometimes your scores don’t align with what you said during the discussion (not so much in this episode, sorry I am usually driving while I listen), also it seems like you use fairly objective criteria but can vary wildly on how you choose to apply them from one game to the next. The complaints you made against Pathfinder could carry over in some ways to descent. Sorry I am not being more concise just a combination of thoughts I have over many episodes. I have been working my way through your episodes from the first one onward.

    Also I was wondering if posting on here is fine or if I am better off posting feedback on bgg or emailing you directly since I am really just trying to talk to you guys directly and not trying to bad mouth the show in front of others or anything.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment.

    1. Actually, I used to run a camp for children who suffer from Tourette’s and am a vocal ally for the community. Rest assured, I did not mean to give offense. I will have to listen back to consider my comments and be more mindful in the future.

      Thank you for pointing this out.

      1. Just re-listened. Wanted to note, it was Jeremy that made the comment to which you objected. I suppose he should have said it was like echolalia not Tourette’s, but I am sure he did not mean to offend either. I think however your point is well taken. Many people’s failure to understand Tourette’s symptoms, causes, and treatment cause them to use it as a shorthand for various similar conditions. We (meaning all of us) also sometimes use it as a punchline, keying off of the popular and largely inaccurate understanding of the condition.

        Thank you again for your feedback.

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