Episode 45 Show Notes: St. Petersburg and Game Components

Peg Catch Up

1:26- Robb tells us about the hidden meaning of the Cornershop song, Brimful of Asha (on the ’45).

3:05- The Pegs (or the Blue and Green Pegs) discuss the annual gaming extravaganza, RobbCon.

4:57- Robb talks about playing Robot Turtles with his three year old. (farting noises not included)

robot t

7:09- Robb talks about the joy of playing Sorry! with his daughter. (in your face game snobs)

8:44- Christina talks about her plans to learn and teach all of the Pegs the Mayfair Games 2 player game Patchwork.


9:57- Christina talk about the experience of explaining our hobby to an uninformed co-worker.

12:01- Jeremy talks about his success in converting his girlfriend.

12:39- Jeremy talks (with pride) of his daughter’s desire to play a game of Adventure Maximus without him.


14:40- Jeremy talks about the fun that he had dying to the zombie horde in the game, Dead of Winter.


20:41- Patrick reviews another great NSKN Games offering, Versailles.


24:00- Patrick reviews the light set collection game, Rise to Power by Rule and Make.


26:38- Patrick discusses the unique and highly replayable co-op, Wizard’s Academy.

Minis 1

32:26- Christina previews another wizard themed game now on kickstarter, Wizards of the Wild.


34:55- Christina inquires about the rating system of a wonderful game review blog, Misery Farming.

38:09- Robb previews an upcoming legacy style deck building game, Gloomhaven.


39:53- Robb shares news of an upcoming expansion to a BPPP favorite, The Castles of Mad King Ludwig.


40:57- Patrick previews a game from the designers of Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game, Apocrypha.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- One on One by Hall and Oates.

43:00- Patrick provides an admittedly lengthy rules breakdown for St. Petersburg.

Bumper Music- Czar by Frank Black.

48:10- All of the Pegs review St. Petersburg.

Is this the face of pure evil?
Is this the face of pure evil?

_DSC0256 _DSC0255 _DSC0254 _DSC0253 _DSC0252 _DSC0251 _DSC0250 _DSC0248 _DSC0246 _DSC0245 _DSC0243Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Try Again by Big Star.

1:14:36- All of the Pegs discuss their thoughts of Rampage (Terror in Meeple City) one year on.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- Little Pieces by Gomez.

1:18:56- All of the Pegs talk about the types of game components they love and why.



16 thoughts on “Episode 45 Show Notes: St. Petersburg and Game Components

    1. Bizaare! I get a different podcast depending on whether I open it in Firefox or Chrome. In Firefox it’s at 16.10, but in Chrome it’s at 26:38 like your show notes say.

    1. Of course. We love your writing, tone and taste in games. Since we have you, we have to ask, Could you explain “dicks in ear”? We looked all over the interwebs and could not find the meaning of that rich and colorful phrase. The imagery suggest the meaning, but is this a common British idiom? Hate to be so prosaic and depressingly ‘merican, but we were baffled.

      1. It means the amount of ruining-your-opponent’s-game the game allows or encourages you to do. So for example Agricola is mostly doing your own thing but there’s a little room for stealing someone’s spot and getting their sheep, so that gets a 3/10. Something like Shinobi Wat-AAH! gets a much higher rating because you can just ruin someone’s entire game much more easily! We tried to explain it in each review, maybe we weren’t doing a very good job.

        It’s something that seems to make a lot more sense in our snarky south-of-England gaming group. Maybe that’s just us!

        Either way, we actually changed the rating on the weekend. It’s now ‘knives-in-back’! I hope that’s better?

      2. To be clear, we love what you guys are doing. Didn’t have a problem with the rating system, very vivid to be sure. We just figured it was a British idiom that we did not understand.

  1. Thanks for the mention! You’ll be happy to hear that we have since updated our rating system as it was causing a lot of confusion for our international readers. To be honest we didn’t really expect an international audience when we started writing (except for my auntie who lives in South Africa. She’s never played a board game but she likes to see what I’m up to), so we were happy to take on the feedback!
    Lots of love,
    on behalf of the Misery Farm: How to Win Games and Alienate Meeple

    1. The kids were talking about Adventure Maximus yesterday. It’s a great game, and really inspired their creativity. Thanks for helping create a Proud Papa moment for me!

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